What Has Jen Shah's Husband, Coach Shah, Said About The 'RHOSLC' Star's Arrest?

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What Has Jen Shah's Husband, Coach Shah, Said About The 'RHOSLC' Star's Arrest?

I would be lying if I said that I haven't been waiting for Jen Shah's arrest since Bravo dropped that first look back in August and then teased it again in the premiere of Season 2. We knew it was going to involve a party bus, a parking lot, and a pick-up truck getaway car. But we did not know it was going to involve a lie about Sharrieff Sr. and his internal bleeding.

Naturally, bringing up her husband in a moment of panic definitely raised some red flags in my mind. Why was Jen using her husband as an excuse to get out of the Beauty Lab + Laser parking lot? Did she know the feds were coming? And what does Sharrieff even think about being brought into her escape plan?

Well, I decided to look into it. And while I was expecting to come up with big fat nada — this is Jen's husband after all, what was he gonna talk poorly about his wife? — I actually found something interesting. Remember when Jen said that she and Coach were on the brink of divorce prior to her March 2021 arrest? Well, it seems things have possibly changed.

While Sharrieff hasn't come out directly with a statement of his own, Jen Shah did talk about his support to BravoTV Social's Donald Adler saying:

"God literally sent an angel down on Earth to me in the form of Coach Shah to deal with my crazy ass... Throughout this entire ordeal, it has really, it has brought us closer than ever. Which is, it’s crazy to say that, but it really has... When you go through something this traumatic, this deep, people are either going to leave you or they’re going to stay by you... Now what we’ve gone through there’s no question in my mind Coach Shah loves me more than anybody or anything in the world. And he’s just been so, so supportive of me."

So is it possible that Jen and Coach are better than ever following this explosive legal scandal? And will we see Coach on screen this season after Jen's arrest? And more importantly... what is Coach Shah's Shahism for getting through a televised arrest?

Images: Bravo

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