Jen Shah's "Internal Bleeding" Claim On 'RHOSLC,' Investigated

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Jen Shah's "Internal Bleeding" Claim On 'RHOSLC,' Investigated

Since the news broke that production was filming during the Bravo Arrest Of the Year, we have been waiting for RHOSLC to get to Jen Shah's arrest. And while we will have to wait one more week for the really good stuff — like, so many shocking twists and turns, we all may need a Botox appointment at Beauty Lab + Laser, stat — the fall of Jen Shah has officially begun.

In the first bit of surprises, we learned that during her exit from the Vail-bound party bus, Jen claimed her husband, Sharrieff, was suffering from internal bleeding, and she needed to get to him at the hospital fast. (Jen also said at one point she needed to get home, per the episode, which is confusing but also such small potatoes in the grand scheme of things.)

Let's recap how it went down in the episode, when Jen excused herself from the bus and filled in Heather on what was happening:

Jen: "Sharrieff Sr. is in the hospital. He has internal bleeding, so I need to go."

Heather: [Inaudible shock.]

Jen: "They were like, are you still in Salt Lake? And I said, yeah we're still here..."

Heather: [Still in shock.]

Jen: "He had an appointment, and he has internal bleeding and they're not sure if they'll need to do surgery, and I don't really know what's going on."

Heather: [Thoughtfully asks something about staying behind for her.]

Jen: "You guys go, and I'll figure out what's going on. If he's OK then I can catch a flight."

As we all know, minutes after Jen left the parking lot, Homeland Security and NYPD showed up looking for her. That day, Jen and her assistant Stuart Smith were arrested and charged in connection with a telemarketing scheme.

But that's not why we're here! We're here for Sharrieff Sr.'s internal bleeding. In researching what was out there about Jen's departure from the group that day, I didn't find anything but one thing mentioning internal bleeding. And that was an ET Online interview in which Whitney said, "... I turned off [Jen's] mic, she came back on the bus and said her husband's in the hospital with internal bleeding and she took off."

Granted, there was a lot happening (like, an indictment) at the time, so perhaps the news about Sharrieff's internal bleeding didn't make the news. But, it does raise a lot of questions... Was Sharrieff in the hospital? Did he have to go through surgery while Jen was being arrested? Was Jen really on her way to the hospital (or her home) being driven by her aunt? What really was said on that phone call?

Sounds like a lot of questions Andy Cohen can get to the bottom to — and let's hope he does, because if internal bleeding is some type of code, I would like to know for my everyday life of crime fighting, OK?

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