The 'RHOSLC' Trailer Gives Us Jen Shah Drama, But More Importantly, It Gives Us A Premiere Date

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The 'RHOSLC' Trailer Gives Us Jen Shah Drama, But More Importantly, It Gives Us A Premiere Date

WHAT A RUSH. THE REAL HOUSE – sorry, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 2 trailer has dropped and as you can read, I am losing my complete shit. The 2 minute and 38 second clip includes absolutely everything that you can ask for – including the news that Season 2 premieres September 12 at 9 p.m. ET – and some things you wouldn't even imagine. Scammin' (allegedly), cults, dildos, sister wives... it's a lot.

Let's not waste time with any of the fluff you know exactly what I'm here to talk about because baby, they are mentioning it all, starting with the fact that Jen Shah was found by the authorities at Heather Gay's Beauty Lab. In the trailer, Heather's all "Girl, WTF."

Meanwhile, it seems that Meredith Disengaged Marks is keeping in character and doing what she does best, because when she is accused of knowing something about this arrest, she shuts Jen all the way down when Jen tries to confront her about it. Me right now:

Lisa Barlow absolutely doesn't want any part of the fraudery (allegedly) because the powersuit princess seemingly hit the BLOCK button on her iPhone, which is definitely going to put a wedge in her and Jen's friendship.

As for our little lamb Mary Cosby ... she's being accused of having a little cult. Which, after much online chatter, is seemingly confirmed by a mystery man who appears to be a former member. He says in the trailer, "Is it a cult? Yes. Does she call herself God? Yes." And Lisa just sits across from him and nods. God bless.

Oh, before you watch the trailer below, there's a brand new Housewife in the mix named Jennie Nguyen. She drives a bright green Lamborghini and gets pissed when her husband suggests adding a sister wife. What more do you want?

The ladies wear dildo hats, and the tracksuit fashionhaus Brooks Marks makes a glorious return. Watch the trailer and please let me know what you think in the comments.

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