Dr. Jen Armstrong & her husband Ryne will not be together next season

I'm not trying to be negative. But it's no secret that Housewives come on Bravo to try and fix their relationships. Whether they think being on camera will force their SO to step up, or that doing something together will help bond them, there are a million reasons why people come on the show. (If you're Kelsey Grammer, you go on to distract your wife for a few months during the year.)

Another fact we know to be true is that many of these experiments rarely work. Many Housewives have split from their partners after one or two seasons of "rough patches" and I am afraid that's what's going to happen with Jen and Ryne/Ryan on RHOC.

The two do not seem to be in a good place at all. It seems like they're constantly fighting over BIG issues. (Raising their children, spending time with the family, career, embarrassment, etc.) And I don't see it ending anytime soon. I also have to say, it seems like he absolutely emotionally manipulates her by packing a bag and leaving the house and then just coming back to yell at her more. I'm obviously only familiar with one side of the story, but it really sounds so concerning and I just hope that watching back the season allows them to see that maybe it's not the right fit. He seems resentful and she seems hopeless. Save yourselves!