7 Times Andy Cohen Showed His True Feelings Toward His Least Favorite Bravolebs

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7 Times Andy Cohen Showed His True Feelings Toward His Least Favorite Bravolebs

There is love, there is hate, and there is indifference, and while there are plenty of Bravo stars Andy Cohen is indifferent to, I know in my heart that there a few Bravolebs whom he really cannot stand. Recently, Andy was doing a segment on Watch What Happens Live! called "Ask Andy" where fans got to ask Andy some questions, and Andy admitted there were "one or two Housewives" he hated. And when asked what Housewives would he want back, he said, "Usually if they’re not on, they’re not on for a reason."

And that got me thinking: First of all, there has to be more than one or two Bravolebs he doesn't like, and second of all, can I find them? I know I can find them.

So I did some research, took a look back over the years, and have landed on a list of seven Bravolebs whom I think Andy really, really, doesn't like. Here's why.

Carole Radziwill‌

Three words: Season 10 Reunion. That reunion is when the public first saw there was friction between Andy and Carole, because it was a rather tense reunion revolving mainly around the famous Carole vs. Bethenny Frankel feud. And during the reunion, Carole told Andy he was "full of shit" and that he was scared of Bethenny. But apparently, it wasn't until after this reunion that things between them really dissolved.

Carole posted an Instagram poll that said, "Did you ever do something for money that you thought was against your values but you did it anyway?" And Andy I guess saw that, and took it personally.

In Dave Quinn's Not All Diamonds And Rose, the Bravo tell-all that came out in October 2021, we got some more insight into this. Andy said, "It really rubbed me the wrong way because I really felt like I had changed her life over, what, six years?" and I guess they had a tense exchanged that ended in Carole telling Andy to never talk to her again.

And since she left the show she has been very vocal about her time on the show and Andy. After the tell all came out, she tweeted, "Just another man telling a woman she ought to be more grateful. Housewives changed Andy Cohen’s life, not mine. And Bravo built a [$100 million] franchise on the backs of women. Let’s not get it twisted."

To which Andy responded on his radio show, Radio Andy, "She is right in that the show and the women completely changed my life. Without the Housewives I would not be where I am, as I’ve said to anyone who will listen. I’ve said it in all of my books."

There is no love lost between them is what I am gathering.

Candiace Dillard

Throughout her tenure as the "villain" of Real Housewives Of Potomac, I don't think Andy has ever been a fan of Candiace's. It's especially clear when he jabs at her during her Watch What Happens Live! appearances, and tells her she is a disaster on Twitter, which I mean, what Housewife isn't these days. I just get the impression he is not that into her, but knows she brings drama, which is good for ratings.

Kyle Cooke

This one should come as no surprise, but I really do not think Andy likes Kyle. I have never really paid much attention to his interactions with Kyle until this season, and oof. It's a tough look. Andy is constantly asking Kyle the tough questions, and asks multiple guests and friends of the Kyle's if Kyle and Amanda should have gotten married.

Basically all roads lead to Andy disliking Kyle, and attempting – for sport or for ratings – to get Kyle's loved ones to talk shit about his relationship.

Jennifer Aydin

Hate might be a strong word, but I would describe Andy's relationship to Jennifer as patientless. I think he thinks this woman is doing the most for TV, which is great, but also finds her incredibly annoying.

Every single WWHL she has ever done, he is visibly annoyed by her and cannot stand her. Especially when she gets a little too turnt up. Jennifer herself acknowledges it:

[rich Embed]

Lisa Hochstein

The reboot of Real Housewives of Miami is back, and baby it is better than ever, so it was kind of unexpected to see Andy lose his patience with Lisa. At the Season 4 reunion that just aired on Peacock, Lisa arrives late to set and Andy is visibly irritated with her, and says, "There is no welcome parade, we are all annoyed!" and gestures for her to hurry up and sit down.

Now, she's a tougher bitch than I, because I would've started crying. So props to Mrs. Hochstein for seeming unbothered.

Kenya Moore

When it comes to my girl Miss Twirl, Kenya Summer Moore, I think Andy chose the side of Porsha Williams, and that is clear as day. I just don't think he enjoys Kenya, and maybe doesn't enjoy the way she's very vocal and stands up for herself against fan favorite, Porsha.

Kelly Bensimone

During the iconic Season 3 reunion for Real Housewives of New York City where they discussed "Scary Island," Kelly did Andy's least favorite thing, and that is lie about the production aspect of the show.

Granted, this aired in 2010 when the fourth wall was no where close to being broken, so when Kelly said, "I was forced by Bravo to go on this trip," Andy swiftly dismisses that claim and says, "That's not true, I appreciate it, but it's not true." And in that moment I was like, yup, he thinks this woman is batshit.

Anyone I'm missing??

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