Reevaluating Bethenny & Carole’s Epic Season 10 Feud

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Reevaluating Bethenny & Carole’s Epic Season 10 Feud

The craziest thing about the unraveling of Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill’s friendship during Season 10 of the Real Housewives of of New York City, is that it’s the thing I remember most from a very eventful season. There was Luann’s arrest, the Boat Ride from Hell, Dorinda yelling about how she’s “Not well, bitch.” There was a lot going on, but the simmering tension, fans never really knowing what the feud was about, and the escalation of it from seemingly nothing to something that dominated the reunion was enchanting.

I would say it was record setting, but it really is a redux of Bethenny falling out with her original TV bestie. No, not Martha Stewart, Jill Zarin. But everything about Jill and Bethenny’s feud is the opposite with Bethenny and Carole. Here, Bethenny is no longer the underdog, but the alpha. She’s not the one being accused of changing but accusing someone of the same thing. She isn’t the one pleading to figure this thing out, but the one refusing to talk about it. It’s an odd trajectory for a Housewife, but there is nothing typical about our B.

The fight first start gaining attention not through a beef of their own, but one between Sonja Morgan and Tinsley Mortimer. Sonja’s mad that Tinsley came into town and Sonja helped her out and now she feels like she was dropped. This all comes up at a group dinner and Bethenny tries to take up for Sonja. She says in confessional, “Sonja introduced you to her friend group and changed her life and she won’t acknowledge it. That would make me nuts.” If you read “group of friends” as meaning the show, this is Jill’s exact argument about Bethenny. That Jill had brought her on the show and did so much for it and wasn’t getting the gratitude that Bethenny deserved to give. I wonder if she sees the irony there.

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