Kyle Cooke's 'WWHL' Appearances Say A Lot About His Status With Andy Cohen

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Kyle Cooke's 'WWHL' Appearances Say A Lot About His Status With Andy Cohen

If you've been watching the Real Housewives, Watch What Happens Live, or really, any of the Bravo shows Andy Cohen has had his finger on for as long as I have, you start to pick up on his energy, and who he might like or dislike. You start to realize that when he says "sweetie" he doesn't mean it kindly, and it becomes easy to tell when he's agitated that a caller is taking too long to ask a question. He's not one who's able to easily hide his annoyance, and honestly, I don't want him to. It's refreshing to see the face of Bravo react the same way we would.

Which brings us to my point. I've picked up on some vibes that maybe Andy dislikes our Summer House cookie, Kyle Cooke.

I took a look back at last season's reunion and noticed that while Kyle was sitting closest to Andy, there weren't necessarily any interactions, good or bad. So, let's look at more recent history: In November 2021, during a WWHL appearance promoting Winter House, Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula were on and there just... seemed to be some weirdness. I can't quite put my finger on it, but Andy just seemed annoyed by their run of the mill, PR responses. They wouldn't answer really any question directly and when they did answer, it took them too long to answer, and there was a tension between the three.

But in pure Andy style, he didn't hold back, and one of the shady games he made them play was called "Defend! Your! Husband!" where Amanda had to answer rapid fire questions about all the horrible things Kyle has done since the beginning of their relationship.

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Imagine being newly married and having your boss essentially asking "can you defend Kyle for cheating on you in Season 3?" on national television. You could feel how uncomfortable they were coming through the screen. Let's just say it did not feel like a safe space for them.

And Monday's WWHL was no different. Andy wasted no time digging into Kyle: it actually took him 1 minute and 40 seconds before he started grilling the Cooke. Andy didn't skip a beat and just got right into it, asking the questions we all want answers to, like "what were you doing when she called you 27 times?!"

Now, I know Andy likes to push buttons and be shady, but there was something so forthright about how he was questioning Kyle. There was poll that said, "Whose side are you on?" and the results were 18% Kyle's side and 82% Amanda's, which made Andy say "I'm surprised this isn't more of a landslide. Who are the 18%?"

But the shade didn't stop there. The next poll question was, "Would you still marry Kyle if you were in Amanda's shoes?" And when Andy saw the results, he just goes "this is bad, this is bad." OUCH. I'd want to crawl out of my skin if I were Kyle, but dude that's what happens when you do dumb shit. You have to be held accountable.

Then Andy turns the question over to Carl Radke and asks him how he felt when he heard the news that Amanda's parents made them sign a contract that if they call off the wedding, Kyle has to pay them back, and Andy passionately says, "it was so smart on their part." Another slam. Kyle pipes in that it wasn't her parents' idea, it was Amanda's idea, but no one seems to care.

And it just got worse from there because Kyle just kept digging his whole deeper and deeper. Of the pre-wedding contract, Kyle says that "Amanda wanted to know I had skin in the game," which Andy thought was absolutely insane. And Carl, trying to help his friend out, says that "I think when you put a dollar amount for Kyle, it actually, it really impacted him," and frankly, Andy was baffled by this, yelling, "You needed a dollar amount to be engaged?!"

And as harsh as this was, we were all thinking it. Kyle was a great sport about all of this, though, and took all the shade to the chin without so much as losing his smile.

During one of the last games "Let's Get Smashed!" Amanda and Kyle have to say whether they believe it or not to a wild story, and one of the stories the announcer Paul read was for Kyle and it was, "Kyle was so nervous to talk to Bethenny Frankel in the Hamptons, that he settled for stalking her around a party one Sunday," to which Andy replied, "I'm gonna say maybe pre before he was on Bravo, showing how much he wanted to be on Bravo."

This might not seem like a read, but it was. Because Kyle is notoriously a little thirsty (they all are and it's ok, we love it!) and we know he loves the spotlight, but for Andy to just out him like that... I was like damn, Andy.

I could be reading into it, I get that it's just a snapshot into the inner workings of Bravo, and Andy could totally be fine with Kyle... But something tells me that isn't the case. He called him an ass in his open monologue. So I think I'm safe in my assumption.

What I appreciate is that, Andy, at the end of the day, is watching these shows just like the rest of us, so he'll probably react like the rest of us. Of course, he knows more of what goes on behind the scenes, but he ultimately wants answers just like us, and he knows asking the tough questions makes for a good show. And that's why he's the best in the business.

As for how Andy's supposed dislike for Kyle has affected anything ... well. Kyle is now entering his sixth season on the hit Bravo show, his wedding was filmed for TV, and his brand Loverboy is seemingly doing really well. If Andy does hate him, he certainly hasn't held him back.

If Bethenny and Kyle ever did meet, she would probably be pretty proud.

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