In The Heather Thomson vs Leah McSweeney Fight, There's Only One Right Answer

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In The Heather Thomson vs Leah McSweeney Fight, There's Only One Right Answer

When I heard that Holla Thomson was coming back this season, I'll say I was excited, but also a little confused, to be honest, because it’s been several years since we last saw her, and I don’t remember her being close with Ramona or Luann or Sonja. If Carole came back, that would make more sense, since she was legit close with the other women. But then I remembered... we have Leah. I thought “wow Holla and Leah will probably get along and we'll be in for a great season.” I was wrong. Oh how wrong I was.

Every week we've watched Leah kind of unravel from a shell of who she was into who she wants to be for the cameras. It really reminds me a lot of Hannah Berner from Summer House last season. It all feels so contrived and put on. Leah's issue with Heather is just based on an issue that none of the other women really seem to care about, and it’s an issue that has nothing to do with her. It’s strange.

I've heard rumblings about this fight between Holla and Leah since it happened last fall, and I was like, well let’s see how it plays out and how it happens; I didn't want to make any assumptions. Because I do ~like~ Leah. I don’t love her this season but I don’t dislike her. Now with that said, she is making this season…difficult. If you read my recaps you’ll remember I said we shouldn’t blame Leah and Eboni for this season's issues, but now I'm like, OK Leah, we have to talk.

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