What's In Kathy Hilton's Bag?

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What's In Kathy Hilton's Bag?

Kathy Hilton is an enigma, wrapped in riddle and shoved inside of a purse. Wednesday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was quite possibly one of the most quotable of all time, and that is all thanks to Kathy. This woman, god love her, just gives us so much and so unintentionally. She is a star.

She shows up at Kyle's house to talk, and she sets her floppy purse down on the table and begins to rummage through it. She pulls out an AM/PM medication organizer, two facial mists, then in confessionals, she says she has shoes, flip-flops for pedicures, drapery samples, carpet samples, you name it, she has it in there.

What else does she have in there?? I compiled a list:

Marlo Hampton's Peach

Image: Bravo

Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

Image: Bravo

A Regular Coke

Image: Bravo

Sonja Morgan's missing tooth

Image: Bravo

Herman Munster Shoes

Image: Bravo

If you're curious, the actual bag is what I believe to be a Bottega Veneta 'Maxi Veneta intrecciato leather shoulder bag, retailing for roughly $2,082 and... she is just shoving pedicure sandals in there! The wealth. I mean, she also lets her friends come over when she's not home to use her tennis court.

Ms. Kathy Hilton, I love you.


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