Dorit Kemsley, Child Of The World, Is From Connecticut, Goddammit

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Dorit Kemsley, Child Of The World, Is From Connecticut, Goddammit

If going to the Capri Room at Buca di Beppo on Yelp! means I've traveled up and down the coast of Italy, then call me a child of the world just like my predecessor, Dorit Kemlsey of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In this week's episode of RHOBH, the Beverly Beach designer who has given us logos on logos, headscarves, and 17,000 bobby pins since Season 7, also gave us the declarative statement we've all been waiting for while having dinner with the women: "I'm not English ... I'm from Connecticut, goddammit."

You may think this moment, brought to us by none other than Kathy "what channel are we on?" Hilton, may not seem momentous, but you'd be thinking wrong. Ever since we met Dorit many years ago, we've been wondering about that damn accent. And we're not alone... it's her second most Googled search phrase. (Meaning there's a large volume of search results for it.) You can't really blame Kathy for being a woman of the people and wondering the same thing as all of us, can you?

In 2017, when Dorit was just a twinkle/sequin glare in our Housewives eyes, she explained her accent as a combination of "many things," according to, pointing out PK's strong London accent, her parents not being American, and the amount of time she spent outside of the US where she had to over-enunciate her English to be understood. Sure!

Fast forward a handful of years to an episode from earlier in June when Dorit called herself a "child of the world" during a conversation about race. This was normal for Dorit, a real child from Woodbridge, Conn., and barely caused a blip on my "What Did She Just Say?" radar. Dorit has spent almost five years telling us about her travels and using an inflection that ranges between Emily Blunt and a Love Island UK reject, depending on the day... a "child of the world," while cringe, was nothing.

So imagine the surprise that hit me when Dorit essentially denounced the United Kingdom in this week's RHOBH. The woman's been to so many countries it'd be more convenient for her to list the ones she hasn't been to! She's global! And She's NOT FROM ENGLAND, YOU BEAST.

The way Dorit so quickly corrected Kathy tells me we're getting a much more real, authentic (still denying-a-nose-job) Dorit compared to when she first walked into Pantygate. And if we learned anything from Hilaria Baldwin, it's to live in that truth and correct people when they say where they think you're from. Cheers, Dorit!

Images: Bravo

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