9 Times Erika Foreshadowed The Tom Drama On The 'RHOBH' Premiere

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9 Times Erika Foreshadowed The Tom Drama On The 'RHOBH' Premiere

As Bethenny Frankel once said in a Miami hotel room, "It's about Tom." This time, however, it's not the Tom whose balcony is coincidentally visible from his cig-smokin' ex-wife's new Upper East Side apartment. This time, it's about Tom Girardi.

The RHOBH premiere brought us new noses, new Housewives, and most importantly, the onscreen return of Erika, who foreshadowed Tom Girardi's legal demise so flawlessly throughout the episode, you'd think her creative director/choreographer/image curator/not-the-scene-stealer-he-thinks-he-is Mikey put it together.

To quote Bethenny once more, Erika doesn't often "mention it all." And I was definitely concerned her MO would creep into, quite frankly, the only season I've ever been interested in Erika's storyline. And as it turns out, Erika didn't "mention it all," in the premiere. But, considering the events that occurred in the episode were filmed in late October 2020, and Erika and Tom's divorce wasn't announced until early November 2020, I'll hold my judgment. (But boy, can I feel it in the air.)

If you felt like all Erika talked about in the premiere was her marriage to Tom, and Tom and her marriage, and being married to Tom, then you're right, that was all the producers seemed to use of her. (They're good.) Below are all of the moments Erika seemed to foreshadow the Tom drama, aka, all of Erika's scenes in the premiere episode. (Also, Tom's attorney, Diane Karpman, declined to comment on the charges, per the LA Times.)

  • "I know that Tom and I had dinner every night together at the kitchen table, and it was nice to talk and just kind of reconnect in a way."
  • "At least your husband has hair."
  • "I've never taken success for granted. And the one thing that quarantine has taught me is that on a dime, the world can change."
  • "[Tom is as] busy as he can be, because courts are closed. And I'm sure that Tom is looking for the day for business to return full strength, like every lawyer. They're all hurting... they're all on the cusp of... *head explosion*.
  • "My [quarantine] was very dark. Like all of us, I'm busy, all the time. And when I came home from New York, it was really silent. And then, when I didn't have anything to do, I was walking the halls of the house and I couldn't sleep, and I couldn't shake it, and I couldn't shake it, and I was feeling this incredible dread. Who am I if I'm not working? Every day I woke up and I dreaded waking up. So I called a psychiatrist and I went on Lexapro."
  • "When you're busy you don't have to look at anything."
  • "I was running too."
  • "There's so much that these women don't know about my life and about my personal life. Because, you know what, everyone has problems. Everyone. And the bigger your life is the bigger your problems are."
  • "There's only about the dog and my husband, and that's about it. It's down to two ... They're duking it out. Neck and neck."

Because I believe in the rule of three, I'll quote Bethenny one more time. "I need to start drinking alcohol." And that one is for the fans who need to brace themselves for this season's Erika and Tom drama. Cheers!


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