How Much Does Erika Make On 'RHOBH'? A Nuanced Look At Her Sources Of Income

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How Much Does Erika Make On 'RHOBH'? A Nuanced Look At Her Sources Of Income

Usually when you say you have "zero dollars," you have... zero dollars. But hyperboles seem to be the figure of speech du jour this season for Erika Jayne. We all know that it is XXPEN$IVE to be her (man, I bet she's regretting that song title right now), since before her divorce she presented us with someone who could buy anything she ever wanted. But on RHOBH, we've seen a more rustic Erika. One who has slowly turned into the Nice! brand that they sell at Walgreens. I'm kidding. This woman is still glam to the 10s and rents a home that costs a reported $7,500 a month. What is she talking about having "zero dollars"? Erika's net worth and income didn't disappear overnight, did it?

I clearly don't know how Erika budgets her money — is she using an Excel spreadsheet? One of those apps that TikTok is always advertising? Does she have an accountant? — but I'm going to take her "zero dollars" comment as a means to a point. Things are different now. She may be able to rent the house and pay for her glam team and multiple closets of clothes, but the private jets aren't fueled up and on standby anymore. (Except for when she was spotted heading towards a private jet back in July.)

Then again, maybe she does have zero dollars. We know of at least one income source (the show) plus can assume there are a few other outlets that provide for her. Fox Business reported via Celebrity Net Worth (CNW) that Erika was worth about $5 million. (Now, take that with a grain of salt. Unless CNW is also on payroll as her accountant, they probably have no idea just how much she's worth exactly).

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