Everything New We Learned About Erika Jaynes's Situation On 'RHOBH'

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Everything New We Learned About Erika Jaynes's Situation On 'RHOBH'

Erika Jayne sure has taken us on a wild ride this season RHOBH. So many stories, so much information coming out all the time, it is truly hard to keep up. And while waiting two full weeks to see the new episode felt like eons and eons, last night did not disappoint.

Here is everything new we learned about Erika's situation from yesterday's episode:

  • Tom is in the hospital for a serious illness. Or was in the hospital for a serious illness? Like much of this situation, it is unclear. This hospitalization was suggested as why his mental capacities were impaired, causing him to allegedly not act in the best interest of his clients.
  • Tom has a house in Palm Springs that Erika has never been too, nor does she even know the address. Erika is speculating that there is another whole family staying there? Later, after a Google search, Kyle and Crystal found out that it had been sold, which again, Erika did not know. Ouch.
  • Erika brought just one hair and make-up person to La Quinta vs. the 2 house keepers and the whole ensemble she use to bring with her. She says, "I don't have anybody any more." Double ouch.
  • Erika learned how to go to a bank in March and learned how to make a deposit. She also got a debit card for the first time.
  • Forensic accountants are super important because they go through all the financial history, off-shore accounts, holding companies, etc. to help determine what the spousal support should be. In California, all assets are communal property.
  • There was a hearing in Chicago. Erika wasn't sure what it was about.
  • During her relationship, Erika was not given an allowance, nor was her name on their finances and house. She says that, "all of that was kept very far away from me." Everything was on credit cards and Tom would give her cash. Erika states she wasn't privy to any of the financial information.
  • Erika did not get a divorce because of a heads up about any lawsuits. Erika states:
"This was a long time coming. A long battle with someone whose personality has completely changed. Three years ago, he had a terrible, terrible head injury...and there was a significant shift in his personality, his decision-making, and who he is..."
  • Pre-divorce, Erika states she was being called by a lawyer at Tom's law firm about what to do about his mental decline.
  • Erika has not spoken to Tom, but he calls Erika everyday and leaves messages saying "I love you, miss you, come home, are you sure?" When Garcelle brought it up with the group, Erika snapped and broke down.

I have been a Pretty Mess stan since Day 1, but still I am sitting on the edge of my seat enthralled watching all of this play out. Until next week!

Image: Bravo

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