5 Times Erika Jayne Contradicted Herself About Tom, The Money, And More

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5 Times Erika Jayne Contradicted Herself About Tom, The Money, And More

For months, we've been hearing one thing from the media and another thing from Erika Jayne herself on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and I think I speak for 89% of viewers when I say, I am confused as fuck.

I'll be honest, one second I think I know what's happening, then the next, Tom has thrown himself down a cliff. So, in the name of clarity, I have taken it upon myself to compile a list of the he said, the she said, and the media said. We have to organize our thoughts people! We're all in this together.

Are They Speaking To One Another?

This seems to be the most consistent story that we have heard so far: by all accounts, ever since she dropped him off at work and she moved her things out, they have not spoken.

What's Going On With Tom's Health?

Erika said in last week's episode, "One of the reasons I filed for divorce is the resistance to anything" and she reiterated that statement again last night, that Tom is not well. She also said, "His attorney said she feels he is not mentally well."

I think for us viewers, and for the other cast members... the thing is, we only know of Tom as being very sharp, both from how Erika has previously described him, and from the moments we've seen him on the show. Just last year he was very charming and honestly, had all the ladies captivated by his stories.

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