Do we need another RHOA spin-off with "Kandi and the Gang"?

Real Housewives of Atlanta is one of the most iconic franchises in Bravo history so it makes sense that it would have spin-offs, but is it necessary? 

Porsha had a major glow up in recent RHOA seasons and became a fan favorite, which naturally led to her show “Porsha’s Family Matters”. Basically all of the growth she had made over the years was immediately squashed with the new show. The show honestly just felt like damage control since we all knew she stole her now current fiancé from RHOA friend, Falynn.

The spin off wasn’t necessary at all, and honestly not even that good. So I started to wonder, do we need “Kandi and the Gang”? Probably not, and I honestly don’t want it. I think a housewife spin off is ONLY appropriate when a major milestone is occurring like a wedding or a baby. Kandi is a legendary Housewife but she didn’t really have much going on last season of RHOA. Does she have enough going on to make us care about what’s going on solely in her life without the other RHOA storylines? I won't be tuning in unless I hear that it's incredible, which let's be real...seems unlikely.