Does Carrie Bradshaw Shop At

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Does Carrie Bradshaw Shop At

Luxury-shopping be damned, Carrie Bradshaw — who once confessed to spending $40,000 on her shoe collection — is a fast-fashion maven in the Sex and the City reboot. In new set photos from the upcoming HBO Max series, And Just Like That, Sarah Jessica Parker was seen wearing a Forever 21 maxi dress while in character. Confused? Yeah, so are we. (We being me and my Pop Chaser co-host, Kate Ward. Hey! Welcome to Pop Chaser!)

Carrie's love of high fashion is just one reason we're not totally buying that she'd be a mall-centric store shopper. The other reason? The woman doesn't know how to work her email, let alone shop e-commerce. If you don't think a CAPTCHA code would completely throw Carrie into a week long rant about how she just wishes someone would "captcha her heart," you're lying to yourself.

In addition to questioning the reboot's choice of potential-divorcee fashion, Kate and I discuss Jared Leto's transformation into Paolo Gucci for House of Gucci as well as how much time should pass before you reveal a spoiler to a friend. Plus, we go down the rabbit holes on the most credited actors on IMDb and how the hamburger came to be, thanks to her friend Paul.

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