Is That Jared Leto Or Dr. Phil In 'House Of Gucci'?

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Is That Jared Leto Or Dr. Phil In 'House Of Gucci'?

RIP Jared Leto. The Oscar-winning eternal heartthrob is no more. Cause of death: some wildly ill-advised Dr. Phil cosplay. A new poster for House of Gucci shows Jared Leto looking identical to Dr. Phil, and the world is now irrevocably changed. Before Thursday, July 29, there was a world with Jared Leto, but henceforth there is only Jared Leto as Dr. Phil as whoever he is playing in this movie. There's no going back.

Jared Leto has done some weird stuff before, both on and off camera. He brought an exact replica of his head to the Met Gala for crying out loud. But putting on what must be 10 pounds of prosthetics and make up just to look like a classy Dr. Phil is where I draw the line. Not only is it deeply upsetting, it's offensive. No offense to the TV doctor, but I'd rather spend none of my time thinking about Dr. Phil, and now, thanks to Leto and Christian Cortave, who pointed out the resemblance on Twitter, this is all I can see.

[rich Embed]

Leto is playing designer Paolo Gucci in the film, cousin to Adam Driver's Maurizio Gucci. But, really, tell me this isn't just Dr. Phil in very dramatic lighting. The mustache! The bald spot! The jowls! The pompous air of self-entitlement! It's literally Dr. Phil with a couple extra pounds and a snazzy new suit.

Maybe I'm thinking about this all wrong. Maybe this isn't Dr. Phil at all, but has always been Jared Leto in disguise. Is Phil McGraw even a real person? Does he even exist? Or is Dr. Phil a prank on Oprah gone too far?

Of course, there is another possibility, as has been suggested by Twitter. This isn't Jared Leto as Dr. Phil at all, it's Jared Leto as Jeffrey Tambor. Now that's some deep cover work.

Honestly, at this point, I don't even know if Adam Driver, Lady Gaga, and that sweater will be enough to get me to look past the Dr. Phil cameo in House of Gucci. My spirit is only so strong.

Image: House of Gucci Movie/Twitter

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