The 10 Most Difficult Peloton Instructors, For The Days You're Ready To Really Sweat

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The 10 Most Difficult Peloton Instructors, For The Days You're Ready To Really Sweat

I like to feel like I'm dying when I work out. Luckily for me, there are plenty of Peloton instructors who seem to get pleasure from giving me pain. And I thank them for that. Do I want to feel like I can't walk the next day? Yes. Are the hardest Peloton instructors ready for that challenge? Also yes.

So whether you're looking for a really difficult workout, or simply want to know who to avoid on a recovery day, below are the 10 most difficult Peloton instructors on the platform. Now, keep in mind, everyone has a different threshold, and some of these instructors are also very capable for putting out low impact or recovery rides. So if you're wondering about a specific ride, take a look at the difficulty rating for a better picture of what to expect. (Anything 8 or higher... prepare.)

10. Leanne Hainsby

Don't let her sweet accent or her Sparkle Spice demeanor fool you... she is here to push you. Any of her intervals rides are sure to take you to your limits. Just know when she says "45... OR MORE" you're going to feel that the next day.

9. Ben Alldis

Also in the London studio is our British boyfriend Ben. While his accent is soothing, and his songs are bangers, his rides are anything but. He's sure to take you to the top.

8. Jess King

Her Sweat Steady rides are very challenging as they are strength and endurance combined. (Think long intervals... which are literally my least favorite.) That said, her motivation throughout her rides will keep you going the whole time. One time she told me to "slay my dragons" and I have never felt anything more.

7. Ally Love

Ally lives true by her namesake, spreading love and giving tough love all while making sure you are being your best at all times. She will not accept less and if you ride with her, you may surprise yourself with a PR without even realizing it's happening. Thank her four-plus minute long climbs for that.

6. Tunde Oyeneyin

Tunde is one of my go-to's on the bike when I really want to push myself. It's hard for you to be mad at her through that interval when she is smiling at you like that. You just don't want to disappoint her! But don't be fooled, she will leave you truly breathless. (And the best part is, she'll also be breathless, because she's one instructor who does not hold back on riding with you, even through the tough moments.)

5. Robin Arzón

Robin's "Tabata Rides" are some of the most difficult on the platform, for good reason. If you're looking to challenge yourself with cardio bursts that push you into breathlessness, Robin is your girl.

4. Kendall Toole

Kendall's rides are just hard. Period. It doesn't matter what type it is, be prepared for high resistance with a high cadence. To be honest, I can't keep up with her cues most of the time, especially on her Metal Rides.

3. Alex Toussaint

I tend to take Alex only when I have a lot of energy — like four cups of coffee energy. I am highly motivated by his instruction so whenever I feel like I've got a PR in me, I toggle to him every time. Just remember, on Alex's rides you need to show up and show out.

2. Matt Wilpers

Three letters: FTP. Functional Threshold Power. The goal is to literally find what your best effort possible is. There is a reason that these classes are the hardest on Peloton.

1. Olivia Amato

I like to refer to Olivia as the silent assassin. She is more soft spoken compared to the other instructors, but she is going to kill you every single time giving her the top spot on my list.

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