10 Of The Hardest Peloton Rides For Those Ready For A Challenge

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10 Of The Hardest Peloton Rides For Those Ready For A Challenge

"But did you die though?" is a phrase Peloton riders know all too well. It's one of Robin Arzón's catchphrases for pushing yourself not over a mountain, but through it. (That's another one.) I, for one, like to feel like I died after I worked out. If I'm not crumbled on the floor in a pool of sweat after, I don't want it. Which is why I often am looking for some of the hardest classes on Peloton for those days that I do want to die, but not actually die. You get it.

Pre-Peloton, I used to take a lot of fitness classes around New York. If I spent an hour working out and barely broke a sweat, I'd get annoyed. DOn't get me wrong, there are days (and should be days) when a 20 minute Low Impact or Recovery Ride is very much needed. But if this is a "hit the PR, Allison" kind of day, bring it on baby.

During my time riding with Peloton, I've found that the difficulty levels on the classes are pretty accurate. Anything above an eight is going to be really freaking hard. So, I went through each of the "hardest" classes on Peloton and curated a list for those that want to answer Robin's question with, "maybe?" Good luck!

Matt's 20 Minute FTP Test Ride

Instructor: Matt Wilpers

Rating: 9.8

Notes: This class is considered, per Peloton's ranking system, the hardest ride on the platform. And that should come as no surprise being that the whole point of an FTP (Functional Threshold Power) ride is to produce your highest output possible for a specific duration of time. From a ranking of one to dead, you are dead.

Alex's 20 Minute All-Star Ride

Instructor: Alex Toussaint

Rating: 9.6

Notes: This ride was made with the purpose of having professional athletes compete against each for the top spot. Therefore, it is also going to challenge you to be the best that you can possibly be. Add in the fact that Alex is known to be one of the toughest instructors, and this ride is sure to leave you deceased.

Robin's 45 Minute Tabata Ride

Instructor: Robin Arzón

Rating: 9.5

Notes: Y'all better have brought your crown for this one, cause we're rocking with royalty. The Peloton Queen is not only bringing a challenging ride, but a fire playlist that will make the 45 minutes fly by. If you haven't taken one of Robin's Tabata rides, prepare yourself, they are consistently considered some of Peloton's hardest classes.

Kendall's 30 Minute Metal Ride

Instructor: Kendall Toole

Rating: 9.4

Notes: Don't be fooled by Kendall's Pop rides or Movie Buff rides... her Metal rides are no joke. It's 30 minutes and you will be sweating like you're in the middle of a mosh pit at a Rage Against the Machine concert.

Olivia's 30 Minute HIIT & Hills Ride

Instructor: Olivia Amato

Rating: 9.2

Notes: Don't be fooled by Olivia, she is a monster and will make you work so hard, you question why you got on the bike in the first place. The couch was so comfortable! While most of her rides tend to lean on the more difficult side, this HIIT & Hills ride ranks high up on the on-demand library with the likes of the FTP rides.

Robin's 15 Minute Tabata Ride

Instructor: Robin Arzón

Rating: 9.2

Notes: Back again, but this time in the 15 minute time frame. Who said a shorter ride can't make you sweat? Not Robin... ever.

Matt's 45 Minute Climb Ride

Instructor: Matt Wilpers

Rating: 9.2

Notes: Ever dreamt of going on a climb for 45 long minutes? No? Well if that urge ever hits you, Matt's got you covered. Get ready to constantly beat your best resistance and see that middle output number go up and up on this long-duration climb.

Christian's 45 Minute Pro Cyclist Ride

Instructor: Christian Vande Velde

Rating: 9.2

Notes: Christian is an outdoor pro racing cyclist, so he knows what he's talking about. Warning, though, you will be challenged as if you are also a pro racing cyclist, so schedule around your recovery days.

Tunde's 45 Minute HIIT & Hills Ride

Instructor: Tunde Oyeneyin

Rating: 9.1

Notes: Spending 45 minutes with Tunde is a treat, no matter what class you're taking with her. Her inspiration and motivation will push you to climb the hills and tackle intervals like they're nothing.

Jess' 45 Minute Sweat Steady Ride

Instructor: Jess King

Rating: 9.1

Notes: This ride will do exactly what it says it will do... make you sweat steadily for 45 long minutes.

Have you taken a ride that was surprisingly difficult? Let me know in the comments, I'm always up for a challenge.

Images: Peloton

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