The 10 Most Motivating Rides On Peloton

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The 10 Most Motivating Rides On Peloton

My seasonal depression is in full swing <3 as the sun decides to call it a day at 4:30 p.m.. Truly, every afternoon I look out my window and I'm like, "how the f*ck is it not midnight?" And then I just sit there for six-plus more hours before it's actually time to go to bed. Motivation to workout dwindles and all I want to do is get cozy on my couch and watch Hallmark holiday movies. Sue me!

With the days getting colder and shorter, rolling out of bed seems like a struggle, let alone clipping into my Peloton. But 'tis the season for some Peloton motivation, which is why I pulled together some of the most inspiring and motivating rides on demand that will help all us us get through the end of the year.

No matter if you're just in a rut or coming back from a long break from riding, any one of these rides will instantly remind you why you fell in love with your bike in the first place.

Tunde's 20 Minute Year Of Yes Ride

Rating: 7

Vibe: Come back to your resilient self and find your Year of Yes! I promise, this whole collection of workouts is highly motivating. I also recommend reading Shonda Rhimes' book, Year of Yes, as well.

Songs you can expect: "Survivor," "Rise Up," and "Stand By Me"

Ally's 20 Minute Feel Good Ride

Rating: 7.8

Vibe: The queen of good vibes is here to spread all of them (and make you sweat).

Songs you can expect: "Love Sex Magic," "Dead and Gone," and "Heaven"

Robin's 30 Minute Lizzo Ride

Rating: 7.7

Vibe: For this, let's just look at the class description.

"Lizzo is the epitome of someone who lives her life unapologetically, and y’all know I subscribe to that ethos. This ride is a reminder to always wear your crown proudly and celebrate yourself."

Songs you can expect: "Good as Hell," "Juice," and "Truth Hurts"

Leanne's 20 Minute Low Impact Ride

Rating: 7.6

Vibe: I have a tendency to want to push myself during a workout but it is OK to take it easy, especially after some time off. Low impacts rides are the perfect way to get back into the swing of things, especially with Leanne — her rides are just so fun.

Songs you can expect: "Next to Me," "You Don't Know," and "How Deep Is Your Love"

Kendall's 30 Minute Mental Health Awareness Ride

Rating: 7.9

Vibe: Be ready to let out a good, cathartic cry and know that you are not alone. This is a healthy-release-of-emotion type of ride.

Songs you can expect: "breathin," "Mad World," and "Fix You"

Alex & Tunde's Beyoncé Two For One Ride

Rating: 8.3

Vibe: You will definitely feel like you are on a team with these two. Tunde even made sure that Alex wasn't slacking, which we love to see.

Songs you can expect: "Diva," "Lose My Breathe," and "Run The World"

Cody's 15 Minute Pop Ride

Rating: 6.8

Vibe: It's OK to ease back into things after a period of lack of motivation, and 10-15mins is the perfect amount to start with. It makes it even easier when you are laughing your a** off with Cody so much that you forget you're even working out.

Songs you can expect: "One Kiss," "Boom Clap," and "Your Song"

Emma's 30 Minute Coldplay Ride

Rating: 8.1

Vibe: If you're ready for another good cry, take this ride. It will leave you feeling so much lighter.

Songs you can expect: "Viva La vida," "The Scientist," and "Fix You"

Sam Yo's 30 Minute Pride: Broadway Ride

Rating: 7.8

Vibe: This Pride ride will make your authenticity shine through and spread all the much love. Plus, it's Broadway and any Broadway ride is guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face... no matter how much you're dripping in sweat.

Songs you can expect: "You Can't Stop The Beat," "You Will Be Found," and "This Is Me"

Ally's 30 Minute Sundays With Love

Rating: 8.2

Vibe: Ally takes us to church with her Sundays With Love rides. Get ready to get to feel uplifted and inspired.

Songs you can expect: "How Far I'll Go," "Higher Love," and "Hallelujah"

Images: Peloton

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