Kendall Toole's Acting Credits Include A Subway-Themed Series Called 'Frat House Musical'

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Kendall Toole's Acting Credits Include A Subway-Themed Series Called 'Frat House Musical'

You know how sometimes late at night you get into internet spirals so deep that you didn't even know how you ended up on your high school ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend's best friend's cousin's LinkedIn? That was me last night, except it was for Kendall Toole from Peloton. Last night I learned that Kendall Toole has acting experience and once starred in a short web series called Frat House Musical.

First of all, I didn't know that Kendall had acted before. I know Bradley in London had a Hallmark Christmas movie past. I know that Cody was a dancer. I know that Robin was a lawyer. But Kendall acting? No clue. (I did know she was from California, so I guess it's not that crazy to think about.)

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I love musicals, so obviously I had to watch. And I wanted to invite you on this journey with me.

The Plot

The IMDb pages says that...

Peter, a wide-eyed freshman who lives to sing, wants to join the Sigma frat house, but the Sigma brothers aren't ready for his constant singing-- until they find out they're going to lose their beloved house if they don't win a singing competition.

OK, I already love the kitschiness of it. Kinda reminds me of Pitch Perfect.

Real Time Thoughts & Questions

Episode 1

[rich Embed]
  • I get that Subway sponsored this, but he is actually holding a sub while singing?
Image: Frat House Musical
  • Also what's in this box? Is this all he brought to college with him? Why do TV shows and movies always make it seem like you only bring one box when you move in to your first college dorm?
  • Some guy said this line which makes me feel weird in a lot of different ways: "I never thought I'd see you back here after last week's party."
  • There's Kendall! And she's a brunette!
Image: Frathouse Musical
  • "Sigma brothers don't sing." I bet there is some tragic backstory of why he doesn't like singing, and I hope we get that
  • OK, so Kendall seems to be the Queen Bee. Also, please look at these outfits.
Image: Frathouse Musical

Episode 2

[rich Embed]
Image: Frathouse Musical
  • In this episode we get another shameless Subway plug.
  • Ah yes, the classic car wash song and dance battle! A staple at all college campuses.
Image: Frathouse Musical

Episode 3

[rich Embed]
  • Did I mention that this series features Subway a lot?
Images: Frathouse Musical
  • I bet this is going to end in one big sing-off.
  • And there's the sing-off.
  • I guess it was only in the budget for one song throughout all three episodes.
  • Remember when they didn't know the dance yet?
  • PLOT TWIST: Rob is an insane ballet dancer.

Kendall's Performance

Image: Frathouse Musical

Kendall did a great job! Totally believable as the mean girl... maybe I'm low-key scared of her and that's why I always PR in here classes. I did have some notes but those were more script, plot, and editing. (I know a bit about filmmaking, as I co-created a comedy series. Yes this is a shameless plug.)

See or Skip?

It was definitely very stupid, but very enjoyable. I really like when shows make fun of themselves and lean into the ridiculous of it, which Frat House Musical definitely did. If you are a fan of Glee and Pitch Perfect, definitely worth a watch! If you're not a fan of either, I would say skip, although the whole things is only about 10 mins long so it may be worth it just to see our girl, Kendall.

Image: Frat House Musical

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