The Best (And Hardest) Bike Bootcamps On Peloton, By Instructor

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The Best (And Hardest) Bike Bootcamps On Peloton, By Instructor

If you've been following along on my #pelojourney, then you know that I want to take classes that are hard. (Sure, there's always a need for a rest/recovery day, but if I'm clipping into the bike, I wanna sweat.) I also tend to get bored easily, so it comes as a surprise to no one that circuit and HIIT training is my favorite way to work out. Lucky for us, Peloton has bootcamp classes for the bike (and the tread) and I am literally obsessed.

These classes start on the bike (or tread) for interval training and then move to the floor to do strength training, switching between the two throughout the class. They run 30 min, 45 min, or 60 min and you can filter by body focus. Guys, they're so hard. And so good, but emphasis on hard. You will definitely be dripping in sweat and loving every minute of it.

So for those bike bootcamp newbies, here is a roundup of every instructors' best classes!


I've described Callie as our bubbly best friend who is also a badass. And if you are a fan of pop playlists, she'll be your new go-to.


Did you know our boo taught Bike Bootcamp? Get ready to literally LOL in a fun and flirty workout while getting stronger!

Jess Sims

Jess Sims is my no. 1 favorite instructor on Peloton. Be prepared though — she loves to throw "barf-ies" at you during bootcamps.


Of course Queen Robin teaches bike bootcamp because she literally does everything. If you want a big dose of inspiration and your ass kicked at the same time, take her class.


Tunde is the definition of #armgoals. She is going to leave you drenched in sweat and with a huge smile on your face.

Images: Peloton

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