The Peloton Family Is Keeping Cody Out Of Danger On 'DWTS'

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The Peloton Family Is Keeping Cody Out Of Danger On 'DWTS'

Queen Night, baby! After a particularly spooky episode of Dancing With the Stars, in which Cody performed one of his best dances to date, the fitness instructor tackled the Foxtrot on Monday night. And while it wasn't his worst dance of the season, as the judges said, it wasn't his best dance either. (But remember, his best dance was, like, really good.) Still, Cody remained safe after a very touching and emotional performance to Queen's "You're My Best Friend," dedicated to his late friend Oscar, meaning he will continue on to next week's competition: Janet Jackson Night.

What this week proved, goes beyond that Tyra Banks can't give sick Suni Lee some privacy. It's that while the judges' scores are important, the fans behind each star will eventually be what keeps them safe in the competition.

We know the scoring for the show consists of both the judges' scores (usually out of 40) and America's votes. The scores awarded by the judges are calculated as a percentage of the total number of points awarded to all contestants that evening. For example, Cody got 34 points for his performance on Monday. There were 315 points awarded last night, meaning Cody's percentage was about 10.8%. Then, that percentage is added to the percentage of votes received by each contestant. (Who said a fun dancing show with your favorite Peloton instructor didn't require a little math?)

All of this is to say, JoJo Siwa received a near-perfect score of 39 from the judges and still hit the bottom two. (A surprise to everyone.) What that tells me is that the votes from America weren't there for her, because it certainly wasn't because her judges' votes were too low, unlike The Miz, who was eliminated and got one of the lowest scores of the night (a 32).

Cody, who fell bottom-middle was safe, which means America's votes are working. They're keeping him in and safe, and because the Peloton family is so big, they could bring him all the way to the very end. (Just like this TikTok predicted mid-October.) The takeaway? Don't! Stop! Voting!

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Some Notes On His Performance From A Dance Instructor:

  • I agree with Len when he said it was "definitely not your worst dance, but maybe not your best."
  • Cody's frame is getting better and his lines are improving.
  • I don't think that Cheryl's choreography is doing Cody any favors (it doesn't stack up to some of the others). Take Iman, for example. He is not at all a trained dancer and week after week, Dani makes him look great with the choreography she chooses.

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