Were Cody Rigsby's Salsa Scores Fair?

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Were Cody Rigsby's Salsa Scores Fair?

We have been there for Cody Rigsby since Day 1. Whether we were voguing with him on a 30 minute pride ride, twerking with him during the transitions on a bike bootcamp, or dancing with him between intervals on a HIIT and hills ride.

And while we didn't get to see him in the ballroom on Monday night's episode of Dancing With the Stars, we were all still there for Cody as he Zoomed into the show following his partner Cheryl Burke's COVID diagnosis. The good news is Cheryl is doing OK, and Cody is safe for another week... and what a week it will be. (More on that later.)

Despite Good Morning America stating that Cody would dance with an alternate pro on Monday following Cheryl's diagnosis, we did not get to see Cody dance live. Instead, the couple were judged on a taped rehearsal that was recorded last week, prior to Cheryl's positive results. So, the show must go on... even if it was a little awkward. (And it was a little awkward.)

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Per the "rules" of Dancing With the Stars — this is something Tyra Banks referred to, meanwhile I didn't realize there was a rulebook — the judges were able to use this taped footage of Cody and Cheryl and Cody's Pepto pink shoes doing the salsa for their scoring. The judges were unanimous all around and gave Cody sixes across the board. Were those scores fair? Personally, I feel like it wasn't an even playing field, considering this was a rehearsal, they were blocking some of it, and there were still days for improvement. Still, Cody was on tempo and crushed his choreography, while maintaining the technique he's clearly been working on since last week. (We love growth!)

Except for the few moments where it seems Cody forgot the dance (again, this was a rehearsal, so who is to say if that would have happened had he performed on Monday night), Cody's footwork is improving and his hips are loosening up, so I have no doubt by the time Britney Spears Week comes around, he'll be a full spectacle.

What's that? Yeah, you read that right. It is Britney Spears Week next week on Dancing With the Stars. And if you're a member of the Boo Crew (or have simply just taken one single ride with Cody), then you know what happens when Britney Spears comes on.

We'll have to see what happens moving into next week. Cheryl should still be quarantined for Monday's performance, so who Cody will be partnered up with remains unseen. One thing we know will happen though? Cody is going to fuck. shit. up. (Sorry, I don't make the rules!)

Image: ABC

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