10 Peloton Rides For When You're Just Not Feeling It

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10 Peloton Rides For When You're Just Not Feeling It

Somedays you're just not feeling it. What's "it" you ask? Working out, sweating, putting on a sports bra, clipping in, any of the above. And it's important to listen to your body. If it's telling you, "Hey, I need some rest," then take that rest day! But if you're goal is to workout, even if your mood is telling you you don't want to workout today, then you may need some inspiration for what classes to take on Peloton.

And that's where I come in. I've scoured all of Peloton's on-demand classes to create a list of rides that will inspire you to get on the bike and go. Sure, it's a bike that goes nowhere, but we all know that it will take you everywhere at the same time. And sometimes, you just need it to take you out of your funk.

If you find yourself feeling "meh" about the Peloton, try one of the following rides. And let me know your favorite rides when you're not in the mood in the comments!

Cody's 30 min XOXO, Cody Ride

If you need a motivator to get on the bike, Cody Rigsby is a huge one. You will be laughing so much that you will forget that you're even working out.

Rating: 7.2
Songs you can expect: "I Kissed A Girl," "Kiss Me," and "Kiss" by Prince

Ally's 30 min Sundays with Love Ride

Ally's Sundays with Love rides are all about being uplifted and finding your best self. Each week has a different theme, and the ride above (from 3/29/20) is all about hope.

Rating: 8.3
Songs you can expect: "You Found Me" by The Fray, "Thunder/ Young Dumb & Broke" by Imagine Dragons and Khalid, and "Higher Love"

Emma's 15 min Low Impact Ride

When you're not feeling it, a short workout is a huge win. 15 minutes is still more than what most people are doing, and Emma is one of my go-to's for days like this because of her calming presence. Even better, this class is all Disney songs.

Rating: 5.4
Songs you can expect: "I Won't Say (I'm in L0ve)," "Part of Your World," and "A Whole New World"

Robin's 30 min Lizzo Ride

Get ready to celebrate yourself! I know we talk about this ride a lot, but that is because it is that good. Plus many Peloton members agree that this is one ride that gets them back on the bike, time and time again.

Rating: 7.7
Songs you can expect: Lizzo!

Sam's 20 min Pop Ride

Another crowd favorite to get people on their bikes, Sam is very chill and always happy and genuine. Plus, if you're musically motivated like myself, his playlists are amazing.

Rating: 7.2
Songs you can expect: "Moves Like Jagger," "Steal My Girl," and "Stronger"

Matt's 20 min Recovery Ride

Recovery rides are perfect for the days when you need to flush out those sore muscles. Matt definitely has a quiet type of motivation that will be just what the doctor ordered.

Rating: 4.1
Songs you can expect: "Tap In," "Stand Up" by Ludacris and Shawna, and "Hold On, We're Going Home" by Drake and Majid Jordan

Tunde's 20 min Tabata Ride

If chill isn't your vibe, check out this ride. Sometimes you need to push yourself so much so that you forget that you were ever not feeling it in the first place. Tunde is the perfect instructor for this.

Rating: 8.7
Songs you can expect: "Party Up" by DMX, "The Pretender" by Foo Fighters, and "B.O.B." by Outkast

Ben's 20 min Mood Ride: Happy

When I'm not feeling it, it's usually because my energy and mood are a little down. Peloton's Mood Series classes definitely give me that dose of positivity and good vibes that are needed. This class, taught by our British boyfriend Ben, only sweetens the deal.

Rating: 6.8
Songs you can expect: "On Top Of The World," "Blinding Lights," and "Beautiful Day"

Cody's 30 min Pop Ride

I know Cody is on this list twice, but that is because he is my go-to when I am not feeling it. This class may or may not contain a rant about Cody being drunk in a McDonald's. This is the content we came here for.

Rating: 7.6
Songs you can expect: "American Boy," "Juice," "High Horse"

Alex's 30 min Motown Ride

It is hard not to feel better after an Alex Toussaint class: his energy is unmatched. Plus Motown music? As a girl whose parents played solely '80s rock and Motown throughout my whole childhood, this is enough to get me clipped in.

Rating: 8.1
Songs you can expect: "Ain't Too Proud To Beg," "I Heard It Through The Grapevine," and "Reach Out, I'll Be There"

Images: Peloton

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