Will William Find Love In 'Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone'?

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Will William Find Love In 'Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone'?

Outlander book spoilers ahead.

The arrival of an adult William on Outlander is one of the most-anticipated moments in the Starz series. But in Diana Gabaldon's books, there's been plenty of content about Jamie's grown-up son and William might find love in Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone. Book 9 will be out on Nov. 23 after seven years since Written in My Own Heart's Blood was released. And though William hasn't had to wait that long in the Outlander timeline for romance, the Daily Lines may be hinting at a new love interest for him.

William became a central character in An Echo in the Bone where he fell in love with Rachel Hunter... only for her to fall in love with his secret cousin Ian Murray. (Meanwhile, William's step-cousin Dottie is married to Rachel's brother.) With Young Ian and Rachel married and having a child in Written in My Own Heart's Blood, it'd be nice for William to find some reciprocated love in Bees. And from the Daily Lines, or excerpts, Gabaldon has released, he might just find romance with his other step-cousin's alleged wife, Amaranthus Cowden. Oh, the Outlander family tree.

How I wish Adult William was cast already so I didn't have to use photos of a child for this post.

In the Daily Lines, William's had some pleasant thoughts about the woman claiming to be his possibly dead cousin's wife. I've outlined some of them before, but thanks to #DailyLines archivist Sandy on TheLitForum, I found some additional Amaranthus-related snippets.

In the aptly-named excerpt "Cousin Amaranthus," William tries not to think about the first time he saw her (also a released Daily Line) when her "milky bosom" was on display. (Based on this excerpt, the "Cousin Amaranthus" passage is following when he first met her.) He only tries to not think about her breasts after the thought of how little clothes she currently has on (just two layers!) enters his mind. For what it's worth, he also notes in his head how she has a "lovely smile." But clearly, he takes a physical interest in his cousin's presumed widow straight away. And in another seemingly later excerpt, he's not not noticing her round bottom. (Like biological father, like son.)

Amaranthus apparently likes William too. In an excerpt between Hal and John Grey, it seems they are discussing how William should return to England and take up his role as the Ninth Earl of Ellesmere. They realize they wouldn't be able to talk him into it and Hal suggests that his "daughter-in-law" Amaranthus be the one to convince him because she's "disposed toward William." This may not be proof of anything more than an overtired mother, but she also threatens to put her son Trevor in William's bed in this excerpt. And in a Daily Line shared on TheLitForum, during what seems to be the Siege of Charleston, she pleads for William to return to her soon after he's done up her shoes and stockings.

There's enough in the Daily Lines to say that Amaranthus will at least be of some importance in William's life in Bees. But that doesn't guarantee the feelings between them will be amorous. And if they were, would William end up happily ever after with her? Because there's Amaranthus's shady background to consider.

Amaranthus claims to be the wife of Hal's son Benjamin and to be the mother of Ben's son, Trevor. But Ben's only presumed dead after he was a prisoner of war in the American Revolution. No one can confirm for sure that Ben is really dead or that Amaranthus is who she says she is. She also reveals to William in the Siege of Charleston excerpt that she knows Banastre Tarleton, whom William fought with over his sexual advances toward Jane Pocock in Written in My Own Heart's Blood. That could be bad news for William if Amaranthus knows Ban well. But as Ban's not the greatest of men (with William noting his relentlessness when it came to sexually pursuing women), Amaranthus's connection to him could also be bad news for her.

Amaranthus's role in Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone is a question mark and the speculation will remain until the book is out. But if she does enter a romance with William, please let her be telling the truth about her identity. Sure, it might not be the most savory due to Ben's recent supposed demise, but at least then she won't be playing the Greys for fools. Plus, William could use a win in the love department.


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