Will Adult William Be In 'Outlander' Season 6? Fans Weigh In On The Future Of Jamie's Son

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Will Adult William Be In 'Outlander' Season 6? Fans Weigh In On The Future Of Jamie's Son

Jamie may have formed a loving bond with his 20th-century daughter Brianna in Outlander Season 5, but he still has unresolved issues with another biological child, Willie. Although Jamie's son hasn't been around since Season 4, the TV adaptation may have set the stage for William to be in Outlander Season 6 in a significant way. Book spoilers ahead.

Season 6 will primarily be based on Diana Gabaldon's, A Breath of Snow and Ashes (ABOSAA). At the end of the sixth Outlander novel, Jamie's illegitimate son with Geneva Dunsany makes a brief appearance when Brianna meets him ahead of Stephen Bonnet's execution. But it's not until the seventh installment, An Echo in the Bone, that an adult William becomes a main character in the book series. Yet, with Season 5 featuring two major book plots from Book 6, Carol Stark and Tracey Randinelli of My Outlander Purgatory are wondering if that means Jamie's son may become a central character in Season 6.

"Claire's kidnapping and Stephen Bonnet's demise were covered in Season 5, so they will likely have some time to focus on other things... mainly, the introduction of a grown-up William!" My Outlander Purgatory tells The Dipp. "We wonder if they'll spend some additional time on that and in particular, William meeting Bree and the two of them getting to know each other a bit." To their point, the Gabaldon-written episode, "Journeycake," may have been establishing a William and Brianna relationship by having Bree learn about the existence of her half-brother earlier than her book counterpart.

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