Let's Examine This 'Outlander' Season 6 Script Page For Clues

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Let's Examine This 'Outlander' Season 6 Script Page For Clues

Claire and Jamie lying in bed together sounds like the beginning of many a scene in Outlander. But the Outlander Season 6 script page annotated by Caitriona Balfe, executive producer Maril Davis, and showrunner Matthew B. Roberts reveals there's more to the story. The script page shared by EW on Oct. 14 comes from the upcoming season premiere, "Echoes." And while things inevitably get a bit hot and heavy between Claire and Jamie, it also highlights Jamie's tense relationship with a newcomer on the Ridge, Tom Christie. Slight spoilers ahead.

How the Christies will be introduced on the show is going to be a bit different than how they were introduced in the books by Diana Gabaldon. But the Christies — Tom and his children, Allan and Malva — will be settling at Fraser's Ridge in Season 6. After Culloden, Jamie and Tom were imprisoned together at Ardsmuir, where the two men didn't often see eye-to-eye. After Jamie fills in Claire on his relationship with Tom, Claire says in the "Echoes" script, "Given all that passed between the two of you, do you think the Ridge is the right place for him to settle?" Jamie senses that Tom "carries a grudge from their past," but can't bring himself to not allow a fellow Ardsmuir prisoner to make a home on his land.

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Based on the page and annotations from Balfe, Davis, and Roberts, here are some other takeaways from the Season 6 premiere script:

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