The New 'Outlander' Season 6 Preview Just Confirmed 3 More Big Book Storylines

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The New 'Outlander' Season 6 Preview Just Confirmed 3 More Big Book Storylines

The Season 6 premiere of Outlander delivered plenty of book moments with the Christies, Major MacDonald, the Fisher-folk, and a struggling Fergus and Marsali. But what else will happen to Jamie and Claire in Season 6? Well, the "This Season on Outlander" trailer seemed to confirm a few more storylines from A Breath of Snow and Ashes... and book readers, get pumped because they are some big ones.

Following the premiere, a new trailer featured clips for fans to pour over related to Marsali's pregnancy, Fergus's drunkenness, Malva's admiration for Claire's medical prowess, and (of course) accusations of witchcraft. There was also Claire comforting a torn Jamie, confidently telling him, "I know that you will do the right thing" — most likely about handling his relations with the British in his role as Indian Agent to the Crown (based on the Episode 2 preview).

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That's all super exciting. But pretty much all of those storylines have been more or less confirmed before. So, instead, let's focus on the three storylines from Book 6 that readers can finally feel confident about coming to their screens.

Book spoilers ahead.

Flora MacDonald's Barbecue

With the fancy house setting in the Season 6 trailer, fans were assuming that it was the setting for the barbecue honoring Flora MacDonald. (Plus, there were some other clues out there for the less spoiler-adverse.) But the latest trailer shows Flora delivering a speech about division while Aunt Jocasta (!), Lord John Grey (!!), Claire, and Jamie look on. If you thought it was too good to be true, Flora actor Shauna Macdonald (who has worked with Sam Heughan before for a charity event) confirmed the news on Twitter.

The Big House Under Seige

The Season 6 trailer seemed to show Jamie and Claire hiding in the Big House while gunfire rained in. But seeing Jamie on the front porch defending his house from an angry mob is now that 100% proof I needed to see to believe that Richard Brown is going to come a-knocking for Claire.

Claire's Sickness

Caitríona Balfe was joking about Claire getting a haircut in Season 6 way back when in 2020 — most likely a reference to Malva and Mrs. Bug shaving her head after Claire becomes deathly ill. But now there are confirmed clips! Jamie says, "We haveana found out what's causing the sickness," before a shot of Claire passing out into his arms is shown. Jamie's also shown by her bedside... where Claire's head — and hair — are conveniently not shown.

This season is obviously going to be a rough ride (along with everything else, it looks like there's going to be a tar and feathering in Cross Creek as well). But the book fan part of me as has never been so happy to see so many bad things.

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