Let's Imagine What A Lord John Grey 'Outlander' Spinoff Could Look Like

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Let's Imagine What A Lord John Grey 'Outlander' Spinoff Could Look Like

When it comes to the possibilities of Outlander spinoff shows, the easiest to conceptualize is a Lord John Grey spinoff series. That's not because LJG is a fan-favorite character, but rather because Outlander series author Diana Gabaldon has already provided plenty of story ideas through her Lord John books and novellas. With nearly 10 stories existing outside of the larger Outlander books, a Lord John TV show feels like it's written in the stars... mainly because, it's already partially been written.

The future of Lord John Grey on Outlander is currently a bit of an unknown with actor David Berry indicating he won't be in Season 6 after his character said goodbye to Sam Heughan's Jamie and left for England in "Journeycake." But that doesn't mean he couldn't return in his own show, no? As Town & Country outlined, Berry and Gabaldon have expressed interest in the idea of The Lord John Grey Show (title TBD) becoming a reality. On Facebook, Gabaldon shared a TVLine article about why there should be a Lord John spinoff with the caption, "Hey, I'm game if David (and possibly Sam) is..."

While the Starz show has a tendency to portray Lord John as a character who only exists for his unrequited love Jamie Fraser, he has a rich world outside of the Outlander hero. (Though, of course, Red Jamie still pops up sometimes.) Inspired by Gabaldon's writing, here are some things to expect if Lord John got a spinoff.

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