The 50 Best Times Jamie Says "Sassenach" On 'Outlander', Ranked

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The 50 Best Times Jamie Says "Sassenach" On 'Outlander', Ranked

"Sassenach" is not usually the most flattering term a Scot can call an English person. Yet, Jamie has referred to Claire as a "Sassenach" some 180 times on Outlander. (In 67 episodes. That's approximately 2.68 "Sassenachs" an episode.) And you thought your overuse of the word "like" was a lot.

As Reverend Wakefield explained in the pilot episode (fittingly titled, "Sassenach"), it "only means 'Englishman' ... or at worst, 'Outlander.'" But as "Sassenach" is Jamie's pet name for his beloved British wife, Jamie managed to quickly evolve this often derogatory word into a term of endearment.

Even before the Starz adaptation of Diana Gabaldon's books premiered, Sam Heughan had fans swooning over his pronunciation, as indicated by the comments of this YouTube video. The actor has clearly leaned into the fandom's love of this word since he named his whisky brand after it. And with five seasons of Outlander under his kilt, Heughan deserves an award for his many glorious deliveries of the three-syllable Gaelic word.

After a good "Sassenach," Jamie often is inspired to touch his wife. (Particularly, touch her cheek — it's a thing.) Considering that touch factor, I chose the 50 best of Jamie's Sassenachs and ranked them. Happy Sassenaching!

50 ."Sassenach."

When: Season 4, Episode 9, "The Birds & The Bees." Jamie's sitting on a bench with Brianna after she finds him in the past.

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