When Does Claire Fall In Love With Jamie In ‘Outlander’? We Asked The Show’s Biggest Fans

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When Does Claire Fall In Love With Jamie In ‘Outlander’? We Asked The Show’s Biggest Fans

When The Dipp asked some Outlander super fans about when they thought Jamie fell in love with Claire, a couple of them said they believed the couple truly fell in love with each other at the same time. Stephanie Bryant of Outlander North Carolina and Outlander Print Shop said it was the night of their wedding, while Mary and Blake Larsen of Mary & Blake and Outlander Cast said it was when Claire confessed to Jamie that she was from the future.

But for the most part, the fans we spoke to believed that Jamie knew he was in love before Claire did... with many of them thinking it took Claire until after their wedding to truly be in love with him. Check out what these fans had to say about when Claire fell in love with Jamie on Outlander and see if you agree.

At Castle Leoch

"She first felt she was falling for Jamie at Castle Leoch when he comforted her. But she was fighting against this feeling. Claire knew at this moment she was trusting Jamie utterly. She was then always seeking for him to take care of his injuries, but you can clearly see that from this point she can't help staring at him with tenderness — and to be jealous (yes, I'm speaking about Laoghaire and Claire teasing Jamie!).
The way Jamie was always looking after her could only feed this love. I believe on their wedding, both of them finally felt allowed to express this love."

–Lorenza V., I Have My Own Path To Follow

"Claire [fell] at the Gathering, when Jamie escorted her back to the Great Hall even though it placed him in grave danger from his uncles."

–Jackie Merrell, Angus' Angels

After Their Wedding

"For Claire, the attraction was there for a very long time, but she fought it because of her genuine love of Frank. I think the point where she started accepting she loved him was 'The Wedding' episode. The stories he told combined with the gift of his mother’s pearls broke down her self-imposed barriers."

–Cathie McQuistion, Cats and Kilts and Caitlin's Coterie

"For Claire, it took longer because of her loyalty and love for Frank. You could see her interest was piqued when Jamie took the beating for Laoghaire. Then there was the moment when he slept outside her door to protect her. And also his admitting that he was a virgin when they discussed the marriage arrangement. I mean, a man from that time with such emotional intelligence! Swoon! But for me, she fell for him hard when he told her about all the conditions and arrangements he insisted on for their wedding."

–Shrada G., KiltyMind

After Jamie Saved Her At Fort William

"Claire felt a strong connection to Jamie from the beginning, as he did her, but I think she denied it to herself. After the wedding, her feelings were becoming stronger though I still don't think she was certain of them until after their big fight in 'The Reckoning.' In the previous episode, they had that lovely deep conversation while sitting in the hills. But then, when she wandered off and realized she was near the stones, she tried to return to Frank. So her feelings weren't that deep for Jamie at this point.
I don't think Claire fell properly in love with Jamie until after he had rescued her from Fort William where she was held captive by [Black Jack Randall]."

–Elaine U., Oddie Outlander World

"I think Claire realized she was falling in love with Jamie after he rescued her at Fort William. When Jamie told her 'she was tearing his guts out,' he demonstrated his vulnerability to her. He had put himself in an incredibly dangerous position, revisiting a place that held horrific memories for him, with only his bare hands to rescue her.
When Jamie took her to the stones, to allow her to go 'home,' that's when she realized she was actually in love with him."

–Tash Pow, Sam Jamie Still Here and Peekaboo_Jen

When Jamie Took Claire To The Stones

"I've pondered this so many times and I still don't know. I don't think Claire even knew because her love for Frank was always running in the background, muddying the waters of her relationship with Jamie.
Was it when she met Jamie? Was it when he comforted her in her room at Castle Leoch? Was it when she brought him lunch at the stables? Was it their wedding day (or lordddd the wedding night?) Was it when Jamie saved her from Black Jack Randall? Even then, Claire was still running away from Jamie, trying to get back to Frank.
I just don't think she could truly face the idea of being in love with Jamie until she was staring death in the face after her witchcraft trial and she finally had the opportunity to go back to her time, and back to Frank. I think it was at that point that Claire realized she was in love with Jamie, so much so that she couldn't stand the thought of being away from him. But when did she actually fall? I don't think we'll ever know."

–Carol Stark, My Outlander Purgatory

"I think the real moment Claire realized she was hopelessly in love with Jamie and only Jamie was when he took her to Craigh na Dun himself and selflessly granted her wish to return to Frank and her own time. It still didn't come easily for Claire.
They had arrived at Craigh na Dun first thing that morning and it took Claire all day long to admit to herself that it was Jamie who now had sole and complete control of her heart. That night, as Claire woke a sleeping Jamie by his campfire with the words, 'Take me home to Lallybroch,' was for me the definitive moment of truth. Claire was confessing she was totally in love with Jamie — only Jamie! She had accepted his time, his family, and his lifestyle as her own and was his completely at that moment."

–Nancianne Suber, Outlander Series Plus

These interviews have been edited and condensed for clarity.

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