Who Is Claire Texting In This 'Outlander' Photo With Fergus? 8 Likely Candidates

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Who Is Claire Texting In This 'Outlander' Photo With Fergus? 8 Likely Candidates

Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser is a woman ahead of her time no matter what century she is in. But even this time traveler has defied the rules of time and space as Outlander fans know them. In an Outlander social media post honoring César Domboy, it appears Claire is using a phone in the 18th century. Sure, the main takeaways should be 1. appreciating Domboy's excellent performance and 2. that this photo teases a scene between him and Caitriona Balfe in Season 6. (Though there are a few reasons to be nervous for Fergus in Outlander Season 6, including a tough conversation he has with Claire.) But once you've soaked up all of Domboy's smiling Fergus, you may have noticed — as some other social media users did — the fact that Claire is totally on her phone.

Unless Outlander wants a Starbucks cup debacle or a plastic water bottle botch on their hands, one must assume this is a behind-the-scenes photo. (It's happened before.) But what if Claire really had managed to get her surgically-trained mitts on a cell phone circa 1773? If she had stayed in her own time, she would be in her 80s in the 2000s. So it's reasonable that she would've been familiar with cell phones. Oh, pardon me, I mean mobile phones (she is British after all). Perhaps as she continued to age, Bree even got her a senior-friendly Jitterbug. But as Claire has been on the cutting edge of surgical practices and time travel, there's no reason to think she wouldn't have been an early adopter of cellular phone technology. I guess I just didn't think she'd be this much of an early adopter.

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