Here’s How Old Your Favorite ‘Outlander’ Characters Would Be In 2020

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Here’s How Old Your Favorite ‘Outlander’ Characters Would Be In 2020

The Outlander timeline can be quite a confusing one when you've got Claire and her time-traveling companions flitting from the 20th century to some 200 years in the past. With so much jumping around, not only might you get whiplash, but you may be also shocked to learn how many moons have passed for the beloved Jamie and Claire. So just how old are the Outlander characters in 2020? Warm up your pipes, because you're going to be singing "Happy Birthday" a lot... like 200 times over.

Using the dates in Diana Gabaldon's novels and additional information the author has provided, we can either define or closely approximate quite a few characters' birth years. However, if you're a stickler for exacts, beware: Things have gotten pretty messy with Gabaldon and the Starz show taking some creative license and changing dates you probably thought you knew like the back of your hand.

But thanks to this Gabaldon-approved Outlander timeline, we shall persevere. Here's how old these eight Outlander characters would be if they were hanging around the 21st century in the hellscape year that is 2020.

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