Remember When Claire Made A Mistake & Almost Exposed Jamie's True Identity On 'Outlander'

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Remember When Claire Made A Mistake & Almost Exposed Jamie's True Identity On 'Outlander'

Claire doesn't have a nickname for her hubby like Jamie has for his Sassenach. So, naturally, Claire usually calls him by his given name. But sometimes, Claire's name calling is dangerous. Claire made an error in Outlander Season 3 when she yelled out "Jamie!" in a crowded Edinburgh street. Claire has made a mistake with Jamie's name before and compared to other times Claire caused trouble, this doesn't sound all that bad. But since Jamie was going by Alexander Malcolm at the time, Claire totally blew up Jamie's spot in "Crème de Menthe."

As a printer in Edinburgh in 1766, Jamie was using two of his middle names — Alexander and Malcolm — to protect his identity as a convicted Jacobite. It's through this name that Roger found Jamie for Claire and she headed 200 years in the past to Edinburgh to find Alexander Malcolm. As Jamie told her in "A. Malcolm" after their reunion, "Just to remind ye... You're Mrs. Malcolm here in Edinburgh. Not Fraser." So she knows that to keep his reputation as the respectable printer A. Malcolm intact, she can't refer to him by Jamie or Fraser.

Yet, when his printshop goes up in flames in "Crème de Menthe," Claire forgets herself. Jamie — I mean, Alexander — runs into the burning building to save Young Ian. Claire calls after him, "Jamie!"

She can't help herself and does it again when she sees Jamie and Young Ian exiting the burning building. The crowd might be distracted by the flames, but I'm sure somebody heard her shouts and wondered who the hell this Jamie guy is.

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