13 'Outlander' Characters That The TV Show Completely Made Up

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13 'Outlander' Characters That The TV Show Completely Made Up

With hundreds (thousands?) of characters in Diana Gabaldon's book series, there would never seem to be a need to create brand new ones. But adaptation is an art form in and of itself, and so, there are some TV show-only Outlander characters. When it comes to the following characters, the Starz TV show decided to spread its creative wings and fly free from the books.

There have been many book characters the show has left out. But even when doing that, the writers behind the TV series have actually added characters that were never in the novels. Now, there are plenty of times a TV character may serve the function of a book character. For instance, many of the Native American characters' names were changed, like the Cherokee healer Adawehi is the counterpart of Tuscarora healer Nayawenne). And there was a Lesley at Ardsmuir in Voyager, but he didn't go to Jamaica and America with Jamie (that'd be Duncan Innes). Other adjustments have been including real-life historical figures that didn't get time to shine in the books, like the wives of George Washington and Governor Tryon — Martha and Margaret, respectively.

But, whether for condensation's sake or art's sake, the show has also strayed from the page more severely when it comes to some brand new characters. Here's 13 characters that Gabaldon had no hand in creating.

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