Every 'Outlander' Character Based On A Historical Figure

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Every 'Outlander' Character Based On A Historical Figure

Within a world where people can time travel, Outlander still manages to offer history lessons every now and then. With the American Revolution gearing up, the historical-fiction show will be back to featuring more real-life figures in Seasons 6 and 7. Author Diana Gabaldon recently spoke about the real-life history of Outlander to Parade.com. And though the Starz show may take some liberties with the past (as can the author), many historical figures have popped up on Outlander over the seasons.

Gabaldon draws her research from many sources, so the historical characters in her books can range from the King of France to a lowly executioner. And some of her characters are only historical-adjacent where a person who existed in real life only subtly inspired a figure in her novels.

Using Gabaldon's handy key to which characters were based on people from historical times from The Outlandish Companion Volumes 1 and 2, I've compiled every character who has some basis in history that has appeared on the TV show. It may not be as comprehensive as Gabaldon's research, but maybe you'll still learn a thing or two.

James Fraser/Dunbonnet

Although Gabaldon was partially inspired by Doctor Who when creating her fictional character Jamie Fraser, he also has some basis in history. She told National Geographic that she had read about a Fraser of Master Lovat's regiment surviving Culloden in Eric Linklater's book The Prince in the Heather. Beyond the very real Clan Fraser (which Sam Heughan recently got a lesson about on Men in Kilts), there was also a Highlander outlaw nicknamed Dunbonnet. Legend has it that he hid from the English in a cave for seven years after Culloden. His real name was none other than James Fraser of the Foyers.

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