Brianna & Roger Will Be In The 20th Century In The 'Outlander' Season 6 Premiere — A Theory

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Brianna & Roger Will Be In The 20th Century In The 'Outlander' Season 6 Premiere — A Theory

For a show that knows how to adeptly straddle a century or two as Outlander does, the Starz series has been keeping it in the past recently. But it's high time that the show brings back time travel to Outlander when it returns for Season 6. And what better way for the show to accomplish that than to have Brianna and Roger in the 20th century in the Outlander Season 6 premiere? Book spoilers ahead.

The timeline of Outlander is already all wibbly-wobbly and timey-wimey... after all, the story was inspired by Doctor Who. Diana Gabaldon's novels have Claire in the 20th century, the 18th century, then back again with flashbacks and flashforwards (the future is her past, etc.) along the way. But the show has also been flexible when it comes to the time-travel nature of the tale, sometimes introducing different time jumps or flashbacks that were not in the books.

At the end of the sixth book, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, Bree and Roger go back to their own time with their children in hopes of curing their baby daughter Mandy's heart condition. Since Season 7 is a go, this plot seems locked in. But what if rather than follow the book's chronological structure, the show uses the Season 6 premiere to tease the MacKenzie family's future in the future? Is this just my desire to see Bree and Roger riding the new wave of the '80s as soon as possible? Possibly. But here's how and why my theory could come true.

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