What 'Outlander' Season 7 Will Look Like According To The Books

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What 'Outlander' Season 7 Will Look Like According To The Books

The signs had looked promising, but Outlander fans can sleep a little easier now knowing there will be a guaranteed Season 7 of the Starz show. Even though Season 6 is far from premiering, the renewal news already has me thinking about what Outlander Season 7 will be like, and thankfully, it's not too hard to imagine due to Diana Gabaldon's novels. Major book spoilers ahead.

Following the pattern already established by the TV show, Season 7 should be based on the seventh book in the Outlander series, An Echo in the Bone (Echo). But with Season 5 integrating a lot from Book 6 — and without knowing what Season 6 has in store — it's very possible that Season 7 goes beyond the events in the seventh book. Plus, is there a legitimate reason to fear that Season 7 could be the last? Quite possibly.

But assuming that Season 6 doesn't draw too too much from Echo and that Season 7 isn't the last, let's look at the main plots that will likely make it to the screen in Season 7.

Viva La Revolution!

The end of Season 5 hinted that a storm was coming in the form of a revolution, but it's not until Echo that the American Revolution becomes the main backdrop of the story. The battles of Long Island, Bennington, and Saratoga are featured in Echo (the latter is where Claire and Jamie have a brush with Benedict Arnold), as well as Valley Forge and the Siege of Fort Ticonderoga. If Season 6 features any of the earlier Echo battles, then Season 7 could move right along and portray the Battle of Monmouth (which is depicted in the eighth novel, Written in My Own Heart's Blood) and bring back George Washington.

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