An Ardsmuir Flashback Is Totally Happening In 'Outlander' Season 6, Isn't It?

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An Ardsmuir Flashback Is Totally Happening In 'Outlander' Season 6, Isn't It?

After being held there for three years in Season 3, Jamie Fraser would probably be none too happy to visit Ardsmuir Prison on Outlander again. But it seems like he might be returning to Ardsmuir via a Jamie flashback in Outlander Season 6. Although this theory hasn't been officially confirmed, there was some evidence on social media around the final days of filming Season 6 that make a trip down memory lane for Jamie very likely.

As Season 6 of Outlander wrapped on June 4, the cast and crew were celebrating the end on social media. Although the main filming location for Outlander since the Frasers moved to America is Wardpark Film & Television Studios in Glasgow, two actors were suspiciously hanging in the Highlands — Paul Donnelly (who plays Ronnie Sinclair) and Gary Lamont (who plays Evan Lindsay). Donnelly specifically named his location as Buachaille Etive Mòr. Meanwhile, Lamont confirmed he was also in the Glencoe Highlands with Sam Heughan's makeup artist Wendy Kemp Forbes in an Instagram Story from June 3.

Ronnie Sinclair and Evan Lindsay lived on Fraser's Ridge in Season 5 (they were most notably featured when they were giving Roger shite about the locusts in "Better To Marry than Burn"). But, as book readers know, they originally met Jamie back at Ardsmuir after Culloden. The fact that these two actors were in the Glencoe area already had me thinking that an Ardsmuir flashback could be in the cards. But then Donnelly really sealed the deal on June 4 when he posted a photo of a Redcoat soldier on a horse in the Highlands.

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