Alert! Mitchell On 'The Circle' Is The Buff Version Of 'New Girl's Nick Miller

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Alert! Mitchell On 'The Circle' Is The Buff Version Of 'New Girl's Nick Miller

The moment Mitchell entered The Circle I felt an unreasonable amount of affection for his face. And no, it's not just because he's a "sort," as Chloe would say, it's because he looks like the buff version of one of TV's greatest characters: Nick Miller from New Girl. There's just no way around it, Mitchell looks like Jake Johnson's gym-obsessed little brother.

But the Nick vibes don't just come from Mitch's adorably crooked nose or his ability to pull a face like a champion. No, it's also in his personality. Like Nick, The Circle contestant is chill right up until the moment he isn't, at which point he will tell you to ferk off. He also has a habit of referring to himself in the third person, and a healthy sense of skepticism about his fellow players (he seems like a mellow dude, but I believe deep down he's a cantankerous old soul just Nick, as evidenced by his refusal to believe John is a psychic despite the guitar hints).

If you're not convinced Mitchell is a real-life Nick just yet, then allow me to lay out my case via pictorial evidence. I guarantee that by the end of this post you will be convinced The Circle cutie is basically Nick with a CrossFit membership. And if you don't see it... well, then allow me to paraphrase Mr. Miller when I say, you can't squash my theory if I don't hear you! La, la, la, la.

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