Paxton's Character Development On 'Never Have I Ever' Season 2 Is Just *Chef Kiss*

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Paxton's Character Development On 'Never Have I Ever' Season 2 Is Just *Chef Kiss*

Jordan Catalano, Daniel Desario, Steve Harrington, and now Paxton Hall-Yoshida — TV loves a high school hot guy with layers. Now, it's worth noting, Never Have I Ever Season 1 already did some legwork when it came to fleshing out Paxton as a character. However, Season 2 truly takes Paxton's character development to the next level.

Let me preface my argument by saying I didn't pay much attention to Paxton in Season 1. He was hot and inoffensive, but he never seemed like a viable option for Devi in the long term. It wasn't because he was too popular for her, it was just that there wasn't much to him beyond swimming, abs, and the adorableness that comes from him being such a good brother. In Devi's eyes, he was the hottest, most unattainable guy in school, and so I ended up seeing him that way, too.

But Paxton is so much more than just the sexy, popular guy. He's the kid who is insecure about not being the smartest person in the class, he's a guy with a huge heart who voluntarily hangs out with his granddad, and he's someone who is just beginning to understand the value in growing as a human being. That last thing is something even adults struggle with, so it's clear Paxton is already ahead of the game.

The third episode of the season, which is told from Paxton's point of view, is a powerhouse in terms of exploring who this character that is so mythologized by his classmates really is. In the aftermath of getting hit by a car, Paxton is told he may not be able to count on an athletic scholarship to get him into college anymore. With that safety net taken away, his future becomes one big question mark.

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