Will Kevin & Madison Actually Get Married On 'This Is Us'?
Move over, Julia Roberts.
Tara Bitran
Tell Me You Saw Uncle Nicky Hold His Phone Upside Down On 'This Is Us'
Hold the phone.
Tara Bitran
Let's Dissect Kevin's Exes Learning About His Engagement On 'This Is Us'
In the final montage of the This Is Us episode,"Both Things Can Be True," we see Sophie, Zoe, and Cassidy pick up a copy of Us Weekly only to see a picture of Kevin and Madison, fully engaged, out for a walk with the twins.
Karen Fratti
Remember Toby's Brother On 'This Is Us'? Where'd He Go?
I don't know what it is about siblings on This Is Us who aren't The Big Three, or Uncle Nicky, but a few significant ones have dropped like flies from the family tree over time.
Tara Bitran
Ariana Grande Is Too Famous To Be On 'The Voice'
Well, this is certainly a switch in positions, Ari.
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Here's What Went Down Behind-The-Scenes Of 'Law & Order: SVU'
What's the best crime series on TV?
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'This Is Us' Producer Teases How Season 5 Will End
It’s hard to believe it's almost coming to an end.
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Is This Ken Burns Or Is This Brad Pitt?
There I was, minding my own oatmeal, when the TODAY Show on in my kitchen stopped me in my heart-healthy tracks.
Lindsay Mannering
Nicky's Wedding Ring On 'This Is Us' May Not Be What It Seems
Nicky's presence at Kevin's compound in the flash forward is making more sense by the episode.
Olivia Truffaut-Wong
Nicky's Backstory Just Added A New Layer To Jack On 'This Is Us'
If you think that Jack Pearson's death in the Crock-Pot fire is the most tragic thing about This Is Us, you're wrong.
Karen Fratti