The Transcript Of Kim Kardashian's 'SNL' Monologue Speaks For Itself

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The Transcript Of Kim Kardashian's 'SNL' Monologue Speaks For Itself

When it was revealed that Kim Kardashian West would be hosting Saturday Night Live, haters started hating, but Kardashian fans knew something that many others didn't: Kim's actually really funny. I mean, she's no Khloe, but Kim can deliver a punchline! And on Saturday Oct. 9, Kim Kardashian's SNL monologue showed that she's more than just a "pretty face with a perfect butt"... Kim's got jokes.

Now, of course, Kim didn't write the monologue. According to SNL lore, the host and the show's staff writers meet on the Monday before the big show and don't really separate until air-time. They workshop jokes and ideas and, as former SNL writer John Mulaney once said, when writing for non-comedians, SNL staff have to remember that they're basically asking a host to deliver a funny speech. "In some cases," Mulaney told the Richmond Dispatch, "you're working with them on the thing they are the most terrified about."

Kim, though, did not seem terrified. In a velvet pink jumpsuit, she delivered. All her jokes landed, she didn't falter once, and she looked at ease up there as she absolutely roasted everyone from Corey to Caitlyn to Kanye.

Is it weird to say I'm proud of her? I'm so proud of her.

Here's the transcript of her monologue below so that you can copy, paste, and print it out:

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