14 'Men In Kilts' & 'Clanlands' Locations — From Historic Castles To The Heart Of The Highlands

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14 'Men In Kilts' & 'Clanlands' Locations — From Historic Castles To The Heart Of The Highlands

Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish will act as your tour guides through the Scottish countryside in their new road trip series Men in Kilts. Although the Outlander stars are ideal hosts on this journey, the Men in Kilts locations in real life, unfortunately, may not be accessible to viewers in the U.S. for quite some time due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. But through their voyage, you can still experience what it's like to travel like Heughan and McTavish... and eventually, plan your own trip to these historically and culturally significant Scottish locations.

As McTavish told The Dipp in November 2020, Men in Kilts will feature journeys from two different road trips that the actors and friends took, one in 2019 and another in 2020. They wrote about many of their stops from the first trip (completely with a handy-dandy map) in The New York Times Best Seller book Clanlands. But beyond some previews and social media posts, there's a lot to discover from their second road trip in Men in Kilts. As McTavish said, "There's loads of material from the second trip, which took us right to the Outer Hebrides and the Inner Hebrides, all these other places [and] all these other characters."

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McTavish hopes that he and Heughan will inspire people to visit Scotland... and perhaps embark on their own road trip. "Nothing would please me more than to know that they are people touring Scotland with a copy of our book as a sort of a guide, like a roadmap, for where they might want to visit." (If it helps, an eight-day Clanlands Photography Tour already exists.)

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