Rachel's Arrival To The 'Love Island' Villa, As Told By The Islanders' Reactions

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Rachel's Arrival To The 'Love Island' Villa, As Told By The Islanders' Reactions

Every time someone new enters the villa on Love Island, the tension rises. Like, a lot. Especially on Season 7, when Rachel Finni strutted down to the fire pit to announce that she would be the one saving either Brad McLelland or Chuggs Wallis and no one seemed happy to see her.

OK, the men seemed excited to see her. In case you haven't noticed, there is a decided lack of chemistry between the men and women this season; the men seem starved for someone they consider more of a bombshell than the women at hand and the women just want a man who is old enough to know that they should ask questions back. Rachel is obviously fitting the bill for the dudes, given their obvious delight at a new female entering the house. And judging by the women's scowls, Rachel is making them nervous. Really, really nervous. Here is everyone's reaction to Rachel's arrival and the announcement that she would have her pick of either Brad or Chuggs.


Brad keeps saying he's all about petite blondes, but the way he looked at Rachel was absolutely carnivorous.


Both Chuggs and Brad had no chill when it came to Rachel.


Chloe has been enjoying being the "new" girl that all the guys are lusting after, so it's only natural that she would death-stare at Rachel.


Rachel's entrance was dramatic, for sure. But Kaz's reaction, where she actually had to hide her face, was a lot. Is she worried Toby's head will be turned by the new girl?


Toby may look unimpressed by Rachel, but something tells me this is just his resting "I want that woman" face.

Faye & Liam

Faye is arguably one of the more self conscious women in the villa, and she was not happy to see another attractive women arrive. Meanwhile, her new boo, Liam, looks like he's thinking X-rated thoughts about Rachel.


Chloe and Hugo were both confused and excited at Rachel's arrival and the fact that she has her pick of Brad or Chuggs. Hugo kept looking around like he couldn't believe his eyes, all while knowing she would probably never go for him anyway.

Liberty & Jake

You have to love Liberty for just being excited to play the game, and Rachel's arrival just turned the competition up. Meanwhile, it seems Jake has finally found a woman whose clothes he wants to rip off.

Images: ITV

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