7 Things Hugo Is Busy Doing On 'Love Island' (That Don't Include Talking To Sharon)

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7 Things Hugo Is Busy Doing On 'Love Island' (That Don't Include Talking To Sharon)

Islanders say a lot of stupid things during their stay at the Love Island villa. It's part of the show's charm. Also charming? Season 7 cast member Hugo Hammond, who just can't seem to find the time to be in an actual couple in the villa, despite that being literally the only thing he is supposed to do while there.

Let's go back: Hugo was initially coupled up with Faye, despite none of the women stepping forward for him in the premiere. After more of the men step out and chose their women, Hugo ended up with Sharon Gaffka, hater of white pants. By Episode 3, Sharon is totally fed up with Hugo's nice guy act, lamenting that he hasn't even taken the time to have a chat with her one-on-one. His excuse? He was busy.

"I'm not being funny," he tells her in all seriousness. "There just hasn't been the time." Hugo then repeats this sentiment in the beach hut, telling the cameras that he's been "really busy."

Sir! Literally all you have to do all day in the villa is sit around and chat with your partner! It's not like you're running errands or taking work calls, especially since, Hugo, with all due respect, you're a gym teacher.

I went back and re-watched the past two episodes to figure out what it was that had Hugo so swamped he couldn't talk to Sharon even for a minute, but it turns out, he's actually really hard to even find in the villa and screenshot. So what has Hugo been doing, really? Let's take a look.

He Sleeps In

While everyone else is rousing themselves from the bedroom, Hugo is seen just... still sleeping. Given his sprawl, it's no wonder Sharon is irritated with him. Not only doesn't he talk to her but it looks like he hogs the bed, too.

Just Wandering Around

While everyone else is in the kitchen making breakfast and joking around, Hugo is seen alone, having finally gotten up, and adjusting himself. He apparently was also too busy to find a t-shirt.

Flirting With Chloe

While he has not been able to find the time to talk to Sharon yet, he does have time for a group chat with Chloe.

He Hasn't Even Applied Sunscreen

While looking for a good spot to finally chat with Sharon, Hugo admits that he hasn't put on sunscreen since coming into the villa. So what HAVE you been doing Hugo?

He Participates In Challenges

At least he has some excuse for being "busy," and that would be the group challenge in which he takes an ice bath after its revealed that he once had sex in a parking lot, a "sexy secret" that sounds about as lame as the man himself.

He's Very Shocked

After Shannon is dumped from the villa, Hugo proves that he does, in fact, care about how quickly things can change on Love Island.

He Has Doubts

Here he is telling the boys that he can't see himself bringing Sharon home to his mum. Could this be why he hasn't bothered to tell her he'd rather be in a friendship couple?

Yes, that is exactly the reason he hasn't found the time to talk to Sharon. During the only chat he's had with Sharon, before telling her he just has been too busy for her, he also reveals the real reason he couldn't take her over to a daybed to get to know her sooner: he's terrified of her.

It may not be that Sharon is just not his type, looks-wise. It sounds like Hugo realized early on that Sharon is just too much woman for him (or his mum) to handle. Let's hope this lad finds time for a woman — and some sunscreen, at the very least — before he's booted from the villa and has to actually go do things on the outside.

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