The 'Love Island' Season 7 Careers, Explained

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The 'Love Island' Season 7 Careers, Explained

More than any other reality show, Love Island contestants makes a very big deal in the early days to let viewers know that the contestants have left their all important lives on the "outside" to come and find love for a summer. It's literally built into the foundation of the series, with almost every season opening with a montage of the cast members stripping down into a neon bathing suit and walking off of their job to head into the villa. But the Love Island cast's jobs are always as questionable as the men's ability to whip up a proper breakfast every morning for the women.

Unlike, say, The Bachelor, where people are known for being "twins" or "never been kissed," Love Island contestants put in a lot of lip service pretending that they aren't just going to accept the first influencer collaboration that comes their way once they're dumped from the villa. To give them the benefit of the doubt, some of these people probably (maybe?) have real jobs (shoutout to Camilla from Season 3) that they plan on returning to once their summer of love is over. But looking through the Love Island UK Season 7 cast's resumes, it's clear that what this cast does best is look good lounging around a pool in Majorca. Let's explore.

Liberty, The Waitress

Liberty could have just come in and said that she was a student or aspiring Instagram model, all of which are true. But instead she decided to go hard on the fact that she's a waitress in a "chicken restaurant." It's not just any chicken joint, though! She works a Nando's, which is a popular chain restaurant in the U.K., and the poor girl has even admitted to being asked out in the name of getting her date a discount.

Hugo, The Gym Teacher

For some reason, I just don't see Hugo going back to teaching PE class after all of this.

Toby, The Social Media Soccer Player

Everyone knows that soccer, or football, is a bigger deal in the UK than it is in America, so you'd think that Toby would have some clout in the villa. Alas, he plays for Hashtag United, a "YouTube focused" team. Yeah, none of those words make sense to me either.

Sharon, The Civil Servant

No season of Love Island would be complete without one of the women working in the government sector, and this season, Sharon is that woman. Her campy intro shows her working on some Brexit strategy, but later in the premiere, she mentions that she works for the Department of Transportation, despite the fact that her iTV bio says she's been working for the Department of Health. Which is it, Sharon!? Let's just call it like it is and say that her real passion is for the beauty pageant circuit.

Aaron, The Events Guy

He says he's a "luxury events host" and his show bio mentions that he even worked at Princess Eugenie's wedding. Are we sure he's not just a caterer?

Jake, A Water Engineer

I guess you can't really make that job up, right?

Kaz, The Fashion Blogger

Kaz tells Toby right off that she's a "fashion blogger" and when he teases her about having a YouTube channel, she laughs it right off. At least she's low-key honest about just wanting to be Instagram famous.

Brad, "The Laborer"

According to Brad, he works in construction, which very well may be true. Also according to Brad? "I’m absolutely useless. I bought a guitar in lockdown. Bought it, looked at it, learnt like a chord…” He can't even finish a sentence, so I wouldn't hire him for a renovation anytime soon.

Faye, The Lettings Manager

If I read correctly, a lettings manager is basically a rental manager? But British.

As the season goes on, expect more Islanders to arrive with even more eyebrow raising professions. Given how tough the competition can get, let's all hope they kept their day jobs.

Images: ITV

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