The Most Awkward Moments From The 'Love Is Blind' Reunion

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The Most Awkward Moments From The 'Love Is Blind' Reunion

The Love Is Blind reunion came out today, and while there are also plenty of of jaw dropping moments, there were also plenty of cringe moments during the reunion... almost all of them coming from Shake. Which may surprise, hmm...let me think about it, no one. The guy truly doesn't know when to shut up or how to take accountability.

And while I set out to create a list of awkward moments during the Love Is Blind reunion that included the entire cast, my list has one thing in common. So here are some of the most awkward moments, courtesy of Shake.

  • When Shake's first words were how he was nervous how he'd be edited. Dude, don't blame the editing. We get it. We see you.
  • When Shake said he stood by the fact that he wanted someone who he could hold on his shoulders. The fact that this was one of his most criticized moments all season, and he still doubled down on it. My jaw, like almost everyone else's at the reunion, was on the ground.
  • When Shake saying, "Can we just say, off the record, that the drive to continue on the show was a driving factor I think, for Shaina and Kyle?" OK, hear me out. The man is wild and unpredictable, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. Shaina and Kyle made zero sense and both of them going through with the proposal and pretending like anything else was going to happen after that felt a little... clout chasing.
  • When Shake said the above comment about Shaina and Kyle and all you heard in the background from the women were "he can't help himself" and "sometimes it's OK for you to keep your mouth shut" and "why does he always he have to chime in?" Golden.
  • When Shake got into a legit argument with the Vanessa Lachey. And just looked more immature than he had all season (a feat no doubt).
  • When Shake said the words "love is blurry." A spin-off I hope Netflix is jumping at, without Shake on the cast.
  • Shayne's reaction when asked about him and Shaina. This one obviously isn't about Shake, but Shayne's reaction to this question was so awkward, even Shaina was like why are you reacting that way? It was very strange.

Usually reunion episodes are chances for villains to rehab their image, but Shake laid it on thick. He even took to his Instagram to claim that he played up his villain arc at the reunion...

Image: Instagram, @thepuppydoc

I'm not sure if I'm buying this. It kind of feels like a last ditch effort to try and make himself seem less like a douche. And honestly, I think it may work for him. I wouldn't be surprised if we see him pull a Chloe from Too Hot To Handle and show up on The Circle.

Images: Netflix

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