Everybody Hates Shake At The 'Love Is Blind' Reunion & Can You Blame Them?

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Everybody Hates Shake At The 'Love Is Blind' Reunion & Can You Blame Them?

Shake Chatterjee warned fans of Love Is Blind Season 2 that he was going to "get real" and speak "the facts" at the reunion on social media in the week leading up to it. But no one could have predicted just how messy Shake had planned on getting at the reunion. Literally the nicest thing anyone had to say to him during his repeated interruptions and offensive comments throughout was when Iyanna McNeely told him he needs to see a therapist to navigate relationships as a narcissist. It's not bad advice.

Shake came in ready to fight, accusing his cast mates of being fake and the editors for making him look bad, in the words of host Nick Lachey — if Shake's the season's villain when all is said and done, he did that shit all by himself. Even Shayne Jansen, who also has a proclivity for putting his foot in his mouth, was withering in apparent pain having to listen to Shake's hot takes. It was so extreme that I've compiled some of the jaw dropping, awful things that came out of Shake's mouth, in no particular order, in the name of honoring his chaotic behavior.

He Came In Hot

Within minutes of the reunion starting, Shake takes the stage and disses the show. Did he not realize he was signing up for reality television?

Jarrette Pulls The Bachelor Line On Him

In one instance, he gets into it with Jarrette, who literally looked like he was going to get up and sock Shake as he insists that he keeps it a hundred, bro. The look on Shayne's face says it all.

Actually, Shane Was Having A Really Hard Time

The men pleading with Shake to shut his pie hole is just too good.

Shake Knows His Role

You know, everyone says Shake lacks self awareness, but he does know he's being an asshole and seemingly enjoying it.

Their Faces

These women really showed up for Deepti.

Shake Doubles Down

Again, if Shayne, who doesn't wear socks and thought unbuttoning his shirt that low was a good idea thinks you're wilding, then you most def are.

Vanessa Lachey Gets Heated

I did not have Vanessa and Nick Lachey berating Shake on my Love Is Blind bingo card, but I'm glad they did, if only because I got to hear Vanessa say "fuck."

After she accuses him of just wanting to find someone to fuck, his defense is... that he didn't even fuck anyone?!

Then Says The Only Woman He's Attracted To Is ...Her

Oh. My. God.

He Accuses Shaina Of Wanting Clout

Projection much?

Iyanna Was The Only Nice One

To be honest, he might need to look into that.

Shake Explains His Bizarre POV

I mean, if you will, then maybe.

He's Not Sorry

After being accused of being on the wrong kind of dating show, Shake protests, saying that there has to be balance when it comes to emotional and physical connection. TBH, I want to put "Love Is Blurry" on a t-shirt.

A Half Hour Later, He Comes Around

Deepti Gave Him The Perfect Read

And all he sees is his aunt talking at him.

No Wonder No One Likes Him

After Sal and Mallory admit that they aren't keeping it a hundred and want some of the BTS things in their relationship to remain private (something everyone applauds them for), Shake decides to allude to an ex-girlfriend before being called out by Shayne. Kyle almost got whiplash when he started to hear the shit that was coming out of Shake's mouth.

Shake told Shayne to shut up, again risking his life, but at the end of the day, it was Shake who needed to learn how to keep his mouth closed. And if Jarrette, Shayne, and Nick Lachey jumped him in the parking lot afterwards, I can't say I blame them.

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